Look Inward with Shadow Work!


Yashica Lind, CEO of The Lind Group and Yashica’s Intuition will explain what shadow work is and how it can impact your personal growth.



    What you will learn: 

    • Learn what shadow work is and its value to your personal growth.
    • Learn how to overcome common shadow issues.
    • Learn the simple system to explore shadow work on your own.

    Renew Your Sense of Purpose! 

    GNL’s Look Inward with Shadow video will take you on a voyage of self-finding and recovery. Led by Yashica Lind – CEO of The Lind Group & the founder of Yashica’s Intuition, this video will teach you the powerful vision of it and its influence on personal growth. 

    Learn What Shadow Work is and Its Value to Your Personal Growth

    What actually is shadow work, you may ask? Simply put, it’s the method of analyzing and handling the aspects of ourselves that we hold hidden or suppressed. This can include our insecurities, guilt, fears, negative beliefs, or past traumas. By radiating light on these concealed parts of us, we can acquire a more profound insight into who we are and how we can develop better as individuals. 

    This exclusive video will help you learn the following: 

    • The fundamentals of shadow work 
    • The role of shadow work in personal development 
    • Learn how to overcome common shadow issues
    • Exploring the process practically via various methods like journaling prompts or mindful exercises. 

    Learn the Simple System to Explore Shadow Work on Your Own

    Yashica brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the workshop, drawing on her years of expertise in psychology and spiritual healing to coach participants through the shadow work technique. Through a combination of insightful lectures, thought-provoking exercises, and interactive group discussions, you’ll gain practical tools to regulate your self-development journey. 

    Key Gains

    Participants can expect the following key benefits : 

    • Deep self-understanding 
    • Healing of emotional wounds
    • Revealing hidden obstacles blocking personal development 
    • Elevated self-love and self-acceptance 
    • Improved relationships with people 
    • Reduced anxiety, stress, and depression

    All set to take the next step in your personal growth? Ready to explore the depths of your inner self? 

    This transformative experience is not to be missed at any cost!


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