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Ciara’s Kitchen Cooks Italian


Chef Ciara Fennessy of Ciara’s Kitchen will share with you how to create an entire Italian dinner. She will demonstrate how to prepare three courses: tomato bruschetta, beef tagliata with gnocchi, and berry tiramisu.

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    What you will learn: 

    • How to make tomato bruschetta
    • How to make beef tagliata
    • How to make berry tiramisu
    • Many cooking tips and tricks
    • Good bit of Irish ‘craic’ as we go

    Head over to GNL and secure your access to Chef Ciara’s Kitchen Cooks Italian video, as she will be guiding you to cook a sensational three-course Italian dinner. With Chef’s infectious enthusiasm and precise instructions, you will be empowered to recreate these dishes with confidence, impressing your loved ones with restaurant-quality cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen.

    From the mouth-watering tomato bruschetta to the succulent beef tagliata with gnocchi and the indulgent berry tiramisu, this video is a treasure trove of authentic Italian flavors. 

    How to Make Tomato Bruschetta

    She will take you on a journey, revealing her closely guarded secrets of making the perfect tomato bruschetta. You will witness the meticulous selection of tomatoes, the precise slicing and dicing techniques, and the balance of taste that make her bruschetta a true work of art. 

    As Ciara assists you step by step, you will be inspired to don your apron and get on your own culinary adventure. This traditional appetizer will awaken your palate and prepare you for an exceptional dining experience with its delectable basil, juicy tomatoes, and tangy balsamic glaze. 

    How to Make Beef Tagliata

    Chef brings you a tantalizing experience that will transport you to the sunny hills of Italy, where the vibrant flavors of beef tagliata dance on your palate. 

    Imagine a sizzling hot skillet infused with the intoxicating aroma of seared beef. Each bite is a celebration of tenderness, succulence, and flavor that bursts like fireworks in your mouth. Ciara’s recipe for beef tagliata is a symphony of taste, texture, and visual appeal that will mesmerize you from the very first glance. But wait, there is more! 

    This recipe is not just about cooking a simple steak. Stick yourself to the video as it is about elevating an ordinary cut of beef to a culinary masterpiece.

    How to Make Berry Tiramisu

    From assembling the layers to the final garnishing touches, you will feel like an expert genius under Chef Ciara’s expert tutelage!

    As the video begins, you will find yourself immediately captivated by her warm smile. With a perfect blend of charisma and expertise, she will unveil her years of personal tips and tricks along the way. She will guide you to get the perfect berries, ensuring that every bite bursts with natural, sun-kissed savours. You will get to know the perfect balance between the richness of the cream and the brightness of the berries. 

    Many Cooking Tips and Tricks

    Some basic tips are here for you but remember that the real magic lies in her expertise and creativity, so be the one to get those pro tips. You can have a haven of flavors, laughter, and unforgettable dining experiences.

    Good Bit of Irish ‘craic’ as We Go – Welcome to Ciara’s Kitchen, where culinary magic and Irish ‘craic’ blend harmoniously!


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