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Create Upcycled Candles


Join crafter Colleen Downey to learn how to make candles using recyclable items you have at home.

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    What you will learn: 

    • What items can be recycled for candles?
    • How to set up candles to create them.
    • How to melt and pour wax for candles.

    Presenting you with the ultimate GNL Create Upcycled Candles – A sustainable yet fun way to learn and make candles utilizing things you already have at your place or normally, you’d throw away. Join our expert candle crafter Colleen Downey on this venture and take your initial step with us and evolve into a candle-making pro! 

    Spark Your Creativity With GNL! 

    You can create eye-catching homemade candles that you can use or offer as gifts. Think about the hidden benefits too! Such handmade candles made from reusable things are eco-friendly. Not only do these look ravishing, but you can also rest assured that you played a little part in doing something positive for the world. 

    What Items Can Be Recycled for Candles?

    This video is intended to evoke your hidden creative talent. All you need to do is think a little out of the box. Look around and gather the things you do not use any longer or the ones you’re planning to throw out. This may include anything – broken glass jars, cans, teacups, plastic bottles – you name it! 

    Downey will tell you how with a little thought process, you can convert these things into something more admirable – Handmade Candles!

    How to Set Up Candles to Create Them? 

    Before you begin anything, you ought to learn the initial steps. Downey will guide you through the whole process step by step in detail, from prepping your container to choosing the right wick for the candle. She will also share her personal favorite techniques to get the most out of the entire effort. 

    To sweeten the pot, you will be granted many unique ideas to make your final product more aesthetically appealing and functional. 

    How to Melt and Pour Wax for Candles? 

    The final phase is the most satisfying – combining all things together! Colleen will demonstrate how to smoothly pour the wax, incorporate the scent, add the color, and fix the wick in the middle of the candle. Besides, you’ll also learn to infuse natural aromas or make your signature ones. 

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