Heal Your Body Image


Join Alana Van Der Sluys as she teaches you how to approach fitness from a mindset of self-love. Alana will talk about different types of movement and how you can find enjoyment through fitness.



    What you will learn: 

    • The difference between movement and exercise.
    • The amount of movement ideal for true health.
    • How to intensify or modify movement.

    Are you weary of feeling self-conscious about yourself and your body? Do you always find yourself comparing your appearance to others or despising what you see in the mirror? If you are tired of feeling like healthiness is a chore, this GNL video is the thing for you! 

    At GNL, we believe that everyone deserves to feel secure and empowered in their own skin and body. That is why we eagerly present our ‘Heal Your Body Image’ on-demand video. Led by Alana Van Der Sluys, a certified fitness educator and body-positive advocate, this will guide you on how to achieve physical wellness through self-love in a way that is enjoyable and satisfying. 

    Say goodbye to those grueling workouts & hello to something that makes you feel great inside and out! 

    What is the ‘Heal Your Body Image’ video all about? 

    This pledges to be a game-changer for anyone who stumbles with body image issues. It incorporates contemporary research with proven self-care techniques to produce a visionary and transformative experience. Through coached meditations, visualization activities, panel discussions, and interactive journaling prompts, participants will elevate their knowledge about the association between health and self-love. 

    Difference Between Movement and Exercise

    Both the terms have different meanings, but that’s exactly what is commonly thought otherwise!

    Alana will elaborately be pinpointing the difference between movement and exercise. She will also tell you how to incorporate more of both in your daily life. If you’re a fitness freak and want to know how to intensify or modify movement, Alana will explain in detail. 

    Amount of Movement Ideal for True Health

    The other misconception is that you have to burn candles at both ends to be healthy – which means you need to be working out hours and hours to be in a good body image. Not actually the case! Our expert will explain how.

    Join us for a healthier, happier & more confident you!


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