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For most, Christmas is when people around the globe unite to commemorate Jesus Christ’s birth. Bringing positivity, cheer, and warmth into everyone’s hearts. One fascinating aspect of celebrating the holiday involves its many varied traditions – tree lights and Santa are universal. While some countries may add unique flair with other customs that add excitement. Here, we explore some exciting global holiday customs in this blog post!

One of the most frequently asked questions about Christmas is its first celebration place; Bethlehem in Israel holds that honor! Jesus Christ himself was born here, so the celebration started here, too! In later centuries, though, Roman tradition started celebrating December 25th to commemorate His birth. Although no historical evidence supports the exact date or hour.

Have you ever found yourself asking why red is associated with Christmas?

The answer can be found in ancient Rome, where red was associated with Saturnalia – an annual pagan festival that proceeded the Christian celebration of Christmas – until their religious conversion, after which red became associated with the holiday, symbolizing His blood.

Stockings have long been a part of celebrations for many people. The tradition dates back to Saint Nicholas, who would drop gold coins into three poor sisters’ stockings at night. Stockings hang by fireplaces across homes today, hoping for small gifts or treats come Christmas morning!

Christmas trees are found all over the world, yet different nations have distinct preferences when it comes to selecting their tree species and trimming style. Americans and the British prefer Nordmann Fir, while Australians favor Norfolk Island Pine. Some countries even celebrate unique Christmas traditions associated with their Christmas trees. For instance, Ireland decorates a bowl filled with holly ivy and candles instead of using traditional trees as the focal point.

Not every culture that celebrates Christmas decorates a tree. Spain, in particular, prefers displaying their Nativity scene, known as Belen, that depicts Jesus’s birth instead. Mexico, Italy, and Portugal also boast strong Nativity scene traditions over Christmas trees.

There are thousands of traditions around the globe, and it would be impossible to list all of them here. Certain practices, such as singing carols, are traditions everyone cherish and look forward to celebrating each year as one more step closer together. Another worldwide custom involves exchanging gifts to express our affection and thanks for one another.

Christmas celebrations vary around the globe, yet its spirit remains consistent and exciting. Each tradition associated with it adds another unique layer to make Christmas even more exciting. Sitting by a fireplace in England, dancing around an evergreen in Germany, or sharing in a feast in the Philippines, we all come together around Christmas.

Let’s embrace and appreciate its diversity this holiday season. Make this Christmas memorable and joyful for ourselves and everyone around us!