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DIY Christmas Centerpieces & Place Settings


Gina Harrell of Leave It To Gina Events will show you how to create and elevate your own DIY Christmas centerpieces and place settings. Christmas table centerpieces and other decorations don’t need to be complicated especially with Gina’s tips and ideas. This is the perfect chance for you to get creative and personalize the holiday by creating something stunning and unique. Remember, it’s never too late (or too early) to start decorating for Christmas!

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    What you will learn:

    • DIY Christmas centerpieces
    • DIY Christmas table settings 
    • Tips & tricks to be the hostess with the mostest this Christmas season

    Cost: $9.99

    Purchase your ticket to the true holiday spirit with GNL DIY Christmas Centerpieces & Place Settings video tutorial! 

    Led by the talented Gina Harrel of Leave It to Gina Events, this video is your golden chance to discover the art of making and enchanting your very own Christmas centerpieces as well as place settings. Be ready to infuse a touch of charm and personalization into your Christmas festivities & make them unforgettable for the years to come! 

    DIY Christmas Centerpieces

    In this section of the video, you will uncover the power of your own creativity as you enter into the world of DIY Christmas centerpieces. Gina will direct you through an array of creative ideas and unique methods. From traditional to trendy styles, you will know how to frame centerpieces that seize the true essence of the season. 

    Mix & match colors, textures, and elements to make visually stunning displays that become the centerpiece of your festive table. 

    DIY Christmas Table Settings

    Advance your holiday dining affair with the artistic DIY Christmas table settings. Gina will share her expert knowledge on how to curate classy and inviting tablescapes that will leave every person in the room in awe!

    From sorting & placing cutlery and glassware with finesse to choosing the perfect napkin fold, you’ll learn the art of table etiquette!

    With Gina’s directions in the video, you will add seasonal accents and decorations that exhilarate your table into a winter wonderland, making an ambiance that truly complements the festive mood of Christmas. 

    Tips & Tricks to be the Hostess with the Mostest this Christmas Season!

    The video includes all Gina’s tips & tricks that help you plan and complete an extraordinary event. Know how to assemble a warm and welcoming atmosphere that surrounds your guests in solace and joy. Besides, her creative expression of detail & plating ideas will impress even the most discerning of guests. 

    Buy your tutorial now & alter the way you decorate & host during this enchanting phase of the year!


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