Christmas Tree French Macarons


The Conchas Queen (Diana Ayala) is wearing another hat!  She is going to teach you a step-by-step beginner’s French macaron recipe with tips & tricks for success. Get festive and turn them into individually decorated French Macaron Christmas tree desserts.

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    What you will learn: 

    • How to make French Macarons
    • How to make ganache
    • How to design individually decorated French Macaron Christmas Tree  
    • Tips and Tricks for success

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    Discover the true charm of the holiday season with the GNL Christmas Tree French Macarons video!

    Join the conchas Queen, Diana Ayala, as she dons another hat to steer you through an enchanting journey of making gorgeous French macarons. This step-by-step beginner’s recipe, followed by unique tips & tricks, will help you accomplish macaron mastery. Get ready to infuse your holiday festivities with an extra hint of sweetness by changing these mild treats into the adorned French Macaron Christmas Trees. 

    Wear your apron & embark on a delightful journey of baking creativity! 

    How to Make French Macarons? 

    Learn the secret behind the delicate and iconic French Macarons with our expert Diana. She will be teaching you how to get the perfect macaron shells with meticulous measurements and techniques that only a few know. In the video, she will be explaining the crucial steps that assure that hard-to-achieve velvety and airy texture. 

    How To Make Ganache? 

    Explore an array of Christmas flavors to infuse your macarons with true holiday cheer! 

    Diana will share the secret to her luxurious filling that advances macrons to heavenly heights. Also, she will tell you about experimenting with various ratios of chocolate and cream to get your desired consistency and taste. You will also learn the art of flavor pairing to create harmonious combinations that will tantalize your taste buds forever! 

    How to Design Individually Decorated French Macaron Christmas Trees? 

    The video will show you how to properly assemble macrons into structured Christmas trees. You’ll also learn how to adorn each macaron tree with edible decorations so that they look great on the festive table.

    Tips & Tricks For Success

    • Get insider tips from Diana herself, who has perfected the art of French macarons.
    • Gain insight into troubleshooting typical macaron-making hurdles and gaining uniform results
    • Learn how to store and preserve these little beauties while keeping them fresh for a long time.

    Don’t Miss Out! Buy our French Macaron Christmas Trees Video & dazzle your loved ones during the festive season with your newfound macron-making prowess!


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