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Restaurant Quality Pizza at Home


Kristin Hoffman, creator of Baker Bettie, will show you how to make a simple homemade pizza dough, and turn it into restaurant-quality pizza using just a few ingredients.

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    What you will learn with GNL

    • How to make simple homemade pizza dough from scratch
    • How to prep your oven to bake your pizza to get the perfectly crispy crust
    • How simple ingredients (tomatoes, garlic, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil) make homemade pizza into a restaurant-quality weeknight meal.

    The delicious aroma of freshly-baked pizza wafting from your own oven can be a reality now with GNL’s Restaurant Quality Pizza at Home! 

    No more waiting in long lines to get the same restaurant-tasting experience. You can now enjoy high-quality pizzas within minutes! With merely a few ingredients and some simple techniques by Kristin Hoffman – the creator of Baker Bettie, you can now rival the best pizzerias in town. Kristin will lead us with all the tips and tricks to achieve the best flavors and crust. 

    How to Make Restaurant-Quality Pizza Dough?

    Baker Bettie will reveal her favorite tricks to get the best crunchy yet rich and chewy pizza crusts. No more measuring the stuff included – simply follow her process for the best and unparalleled pizza dough. (You’re gonna be a pro in a while!) Her tried-and-true technique is simple to follow and always results in a gorgeous Italian meal on the table – not just by looks but by the flavor! 

    How to Make Restaurant Quality Pizza at Home?

    Want to be a pizza queen or king? Our secret recipe is more than enough to give you that title! 

    Whether you like pepperoni or pineapple as your toppings, the technique remains the same, and that is what Baker Bettie will teach us. You can make your versions of pizzas while keeping the crust the same. Feeling like a MasterChef already? 

    Make a slice of heaven and enjoy it with your loved ones! 

    Click now to purchase Restaurant Quality Pizza at Home video with Baker Bettie!

    We are here to expand your culinary horizons! 


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