Perfect Pie Crust


Madalaine McDaniel is going to teach you the secrets & techniques of the perfect homemade pie crust. Learn all the tips & tricks for a flakier and tastier result than anything pre-made. Madalaine will explain why your butter/fat must be ice cold, your dough must be chilled and your surface for rolling must be floured. The perfect pie crust can be used for sweet or savory dishes. They can be fruit-filled, vegetable-filled, fowl, meat, or seafood filled as well as utilized for the perfect quiche.

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    What will you learn: 

    • Tips & Tricks for a flakier crust.
    • The importance of very cold butter/fat.
    • Why the dough must be properly chilled prior to rolling.
    • Why the rolling surface must be well floured.

    Are you tired of struggling to make the perfect homemade pie crust? From Filling to Crust, GNL Has Got You Covered for a Pie That Will Take You Straight to Pastry Heaven!

    Madalaine McDaniel is an expert in all things pastry. With her guidance, you will be able to achieve a flaky and flavorful crust that will have your taste buds dancing with joy. Her approach is like a finely-tuned orchestra, where each ingredient and technique plays a critical role in creating the perfect symphony of taste and texture in your homemade pie crust!

    Tips & Tricks for a Flakier Crust

    You will explore the secrets to using the perfect flour and fat ratios, which are the foundation for any great pie crust. With her suggestions, you’ll learn how to balance these ingredients to create a crust that is both tender and flaky, with just the right amount of richness.

    But creating the perfect pie crust isn’t just about the ingredients; it is also about technique. With her amazing tips and tricks, you will understand how to handle the dough like a pro, from rolling it out to placing it in the pan. 

    No more dough sticking to your rolling pin or tearing as you transfer it to the dish!

    The Importance of Very Cold Butter/fat 

    Attention all bakers and pie enthusiasts! 

    Do you ever get exhausted of lackluster, soggy pie crusts? When you are making dough, those distinct layers of butter are what create that soft, crisp texture that we all love. 

    The video is filmed to be fun and engaging, but you will also get to know the use of the right butter at the right temperature in the right quantity.

    So don’t wait any longer – purchase our cooking video today and elevate your pie-making skills to new heights!

    Why the Dough Must Be Properly Chilled Prior to Rolling

    Apart from texture, chilling the dough also relaxes the gluten, preventing it from shrinking or becoming tough, meaning your crust will bake evenly and hold its shape beautifully. And let’s be real – there is something so satisfying about pulling that perfectly chilled dough out of the fridge and rolling it out with ease. It is a sign that you are on the right track to pie crust perfection.

    So go ahead and pop that dough in your fridge!

    Why Must the Rolling Surface Be Well Floured?

    Rolling out the perfect pie crust is an art. It takes practice, patience, and a few secrets to get it just right. You will discover why a well-floured rolling surface is essential for keeping the dough from sticking.

    You will be well on your way to creating a truly outstanding pie crust.


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