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Hungarian Pastry Baking Class


Learn how to make fennomes, a delicious Hungarian pastry. Bite-size swirls of luscious apricot, raspberry, or strawberry fruit jams and rich buttery Hungarian pastry, dusted with a crunch of demerara sugar. Perfect when you crave that little hug of sweetness. This is a treasured family recipe. This workshop is presented by the founder of Heirzoom Bakery, Diane Holtaway.

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    What you will learn: 

    • Tricks of the trade in making tender flaky pastry
    • An easy recipe for making fennome Hungarian pastry 
    • Tips for serving from appetizers to desserts

    Diane will take you by the hand and lead you through each step of the fen nomes-making process with a wealth of knowledge. 

    Imagine bite-size swirls of heavenly apricot, raspberry, or strawberry fruit jams nestled within a rich, buttery Hungarian pastry. Each delicate morsel, dusted with an irresistible crunch of demerara sugar, offers a blissful burst of flavor. You will be transported to a realm of pure pastry perfection with just one bite. 

    Her warm and approachable teaching style ensures that every step is easy to follow!

    Tricks of the Trade in Making Tender Flaky Pastry

    Learn, Bake, and Savor the Magic of Hungarian Pastry Creations!

    In the video, you will discover the essential tricks of the trade that will make your pastries melt in your mouth delicious. Diane will expertly guide you, demonstrating the techniques that guarantee a perfectly tender and flaky crust every time. From selecting the finest ingredients to achieving the ideal dough consistency, she will leave no stone unturned in ensuring your success. She will also reveal tips for achieving the most scrumptious fillings – traditional fruit fillings and delectable savory options. 

    You will be equipped with a repertoire of appetising ideas that will leave everyone asking for seconds.

    An Easy Recipe for Making Fennome Hungarian Pastry 

    You will learn how to create a light, delicate, and tantalising pastry. Diane will teach you the secrets of achieving the perfect balance between tenderness and flakiness. Discover the art of rolling out the dough to the ideal thickness and how to create those delectable layers that make pastries so wonderfully indulgent. It is time to let your creativity soar and indulge in the divine pleasures of fennomes.  

    Tune yourself to GNL and be the one to open the door of perfect pastry for your loved ones!

    Tips for Serving From Appetizers to Desserts

    Here are some basic tips to ensure a delightful experience.

    • Variety: Offer a diverse selection of sweet and savory Hungarian pastries.
    • Side Dishes: Complement the meal with refreshing salads like cucumber or cabbage salad.
    • Desserts: Finish with delightful pastries like retes or kurtoskalacs filled with fruit, nuts, or cream.

    Important Note: these are just the basic ones, and everyone desires to know all the pro tips of chefs that hold years of experience in the field. This is the chance for you; you can be the one to elevate your baking with Diane’s tips in all areas.


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