Intuitive Doodling


Loveleen Saxena of Designs by Loveleen will show you how to use creative drawing with intuitive doodling as a technique to help you improve your focus and expand your creativity while being intentional and relaxing.

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    What You Will Learn: 

    • Deep breathing exercises to increase your relaxation.
    • Learn to direct your intentions through your creativity.
    • How to just enjoy yourself through art.

    An amazingly creative GNL’s Intuitive Doodling video is brought to you by Loveleen Saxena – founder of Designs by Loveleen, where she will teach you how to use visionary drawing with intuitive doodling as a way to helping you increase your focus and enhance your creativity while being intentional and relaxing. 

    Deep Breathing Exercises to Increase Your Relaxation

    The importance of relaxation is high in our busy lives and that is why GNL has included a deep breathing exercise session. These exercises will help you unwind your mind and equip you for an enthralling journey of self-discovery. 

    You will learn how to focus on your breath and discharge any tension, strain, or anxiety you may be sensing. 

    Learn to Direct Your Intentions Through Your Creativity

    Let’s discover how to direct your intentions through your creativity!

    Loveleen will teach you how to use creative doodling as a tool to help you set intentions for your life. Also, she will tell you ways to manifest those intentions via your artwork. You will get to know the true and best utilization of your instincts to guide you through the creative process and tap into your inner wisdom. 

    How to Just Enjoy Yourself Through Art?

    Art is a great way to relax through an enjoyable approach! 

    You will explore how to enjoy yourself through the infusion of art. Loveleen will demonstrate the clever yet smart approaches to employ intuitive doodling to create artwork without any preconceived briefs and expectations. Besides, you will get your hands on effective techniques to let go of any self-judgment and just enjoy this mesmerizing journey.

    Get insights from our expert Loveleen and start navigating your way toward self-discovery!


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