Prep and Plan Your 30 Minute Meals for the Week


Chef Jaz will teach you how to prep and plan your 30 minute meals for the week, in one day. She will show you how it all begins with your weekly grocery list, working with two proteins to produce 4 healthy meals for your family. Part one of this two part meal planning series will include planning and prepping of the produce, the poultry and the fish, as well as how to store and label your ingredients. Make cooking time more efficient from the grocery store to the table, giving you more family time!



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Cost: $9.99

What you will learn: 

  • How to prepare simple, easy weekly meals on a budget for a small or large family. 
  • How to prep and package for the week. 
  • How to do your weekly food shopping
  • Suggested grocery list. 
  • How to store your weekly meals.



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