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Coloring OUR Voices


Visual Artist, Aleathia Brown, will teach you how to depict a scene using circles and lips echoing the varied voices representing our “She-ness” in a visual conversation. Aleathia will also be teaching you how the circle is a “powHerful” shape that sends an emotional message of unity, harmony and protection. Through her artistic teaching methods, she will teach you how to rejuvenate, melt stress and use your creativity as a superpower. Playing with patterns, and using coloring and conversations as a healing and therapeutic outlet.

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    What you will learn:

    • Pattern making techniques
    • Sharing your voice through art. 
    • Art therapy

    Unleash your creativity & stress while connecting with others through the power of art! 

    GNL’s Coloring Our Voices on-demand video is led by the expert visual artist Aleathia Brown & focuses on depicting the varied voices representing our “She-ness” in a visual conversation, using circles and lips to make a strong and emotional message of unity, harmony & protection.

    Aleathia will share her remarkable artistic techniques for making beautiful patterns using circles. This permits you to analyze the power of this simple shape and use it to describe yourself in new compelling ways. Whether you are an expert artist or just beginning the journey, Aleathia’s teaching methods will assist you to unveil your creativity and discover the joy of visual storytelling.

    Here are some key highlights of what you can expect:

    Pattern Making Techniques

    • Learn how to use circles to make a huge variety of pretty patterns. 
    • Explore various color combos & discover how they can impact your artwork’s emotional message.
    • Discover how to use shading and depth to add texture and dimensions to your designs.

    Sharing Your Voice Through Art

    • Create visual conversations that express your inner voice.
    • Learn the power of tools for self-depiction and communication.
    • Explore how your work of art inspires and connects with others creating a sense of shared experience among the community.

    Art Therapy

    The video will help you learn how a combination of colors and art can be used as a form of therapy to alleviate stress and stimulate relaxation. We welcome you to reveal how you can use your creativity as a distinctive tool for rejuvenation and self-care. Also, our expert will assist you in how you can make the most of your artwork to express your unique experiences and complex emotional perspectives. 

    This a great way to create distinct and meaningful artwork that depicts your individual being the best.


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