Crystal Energy and the Moon

GNL Ambassador and expert in crystal energy, Ava Adames, will show you how to create a practical routine within the moon’s lunar cycle and how crystal energy with the moon can benefit and shape your life.

Heal your Body Image

Heal Your Body Image

Many believe that once they lose weight, they will be happy with themselves and their bodies. Healing body image and becoming your most confident and authentically healthy self is an inside job that requires mindset work and rewiring your thoughts with the help of a coach or mentor.


Saturn Retrograde – What to expect!

What is Saturn Retrograde? Brilla Samay, GNL Ambassador and noted astrologer will teach you the ways that Saturn retrograde will impact you, as well as what you can work on and how you can move forward during this time.


Easy Mexican Entomatadas!

Lilo Vargas, owner of Huenovalife will teach you how to prepare entomatadas, an easy Mexican recipe to keep dinner flavorful but simple.