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See(d)ing the Change An Invitation to Delectable, Adaptable Diversity

by Petra and Matthew & the whole Fruition Seeds crew

“Life is constantly adapting, evolving, and everything is always changing…nothing stays the same and the seeds we sow are no exception.”

Diversity is the foundation of resilience

Honoring this diversity, Fruition Seeds is sharing varieties that express delicious and vivid spectrums of diversity. Each plant, like each of us, is a unique expression of deliciousness, never before seen or savored! Often these varieties are natural crosses between other varieties. 

And we’d love to clarify: though “diversity” can also be cast as “not making selections,” See(d)ing the Change is deeply committed to selection with an emphasis on multiple traits within a range of expression. This is how adaptation happens so quickly and profoundly! And friends, this isn’t anything new or novel: This is how all forms of life have evolved for hundreds of millions of years and how our indigenous ancestors co-adapted with plants for millennia. 

Think about it this way: Nike didn’t invent “champions”, they just invite you to be one. Fruition hasn’t invented such “diversity”, we are simply inviting you to grow in these (and all!) ways with us. “Seeding the Change”.

Saving Seeds, Saving Ourselves

We “save” all of Fruition’s seeds; you can too and we hope you do! Our collective great-great-great grandchildren can too. 

Together, we are sowing the world we dream of, where deliciousness and diversity are embraced, amplifying the beauty and abundance that is resistance as well as resilience.

We’ve Only Just Begun

Here are just some of the Fruition Seeds that express the delicious and vivid spectrums of diversity. Thanks for joining us on the journey!

Organic Aha! Picante Hot Pepper – A kissing cousin of habanero, savor a spectrum of glossy, searing hot crimson and tangerine fruits in glorious sizes and shapes. Aha! peppers are a cross between Habanada and Aji Dulce — two brilliantly tropical, citrusy-sweet peppers — Aha, got it?!!  

Organic Aha! 80/20 Sweet/Hot Pepper – Not for the lily-livered, Aha! 80/20 is a delectable spectrum of glossy crimson and tangerine fruits, 80% sweet and 20% spicy, and a fabulous menagerie of sizes and shapes from sleek.

Organic Finger Lakes Long Paste Tomato – Savor a spectrum of San Marzano-style fruits, some more plump and others larger (still others with tapered tops!) combining rich flavor and dense flesh with very few seeds perfect for salsa and sauce as well as salads. 

Organic Finger Lakes Round Paste Tomato – Savor a spherical spectrum of sizes from large cherry to small slicer, combining rich flavor and dense flesh with very few seeds, this tomato is perfect for sundried tomatoes, salsa and sauce as well as salads. 

Organic Hope is a Verb Dahlia – Each plant of Hope is a Verb Dahlia, like each of us, is a unique, never-before-seen expression in the color spectrum – lemon, cream, tangerine, crimson and plum blossoms on dwarf to semi-dwarf plants. 

Organic Mermaid’s Tale Cabbage – Scrumptious Mermaid’s Tale v.1 cabbage is the third generation of the cross with many, many more to come! 

Medicinal Chamomile Mix – The floral flavors and sweet aroma of Chamomile are deeply medicinal and so easy to grow. After growing several varieties specifically selected for higher concentrations of essential oils and medicinal compounds, the favorites now naturally cross-pollinate in the Fruition Seeds gardens to create this Medicinal Chamomile Mix for you to Savor!

Organic Plum in Tokyo Salad Turnip – Juicy sweet and marvelously mild, Plum in Tokyo is not your average turnip! Delectably tender and scrumptious in salads, where they melt in your mouth.

Organic They Might Be Giants Sunflower – Imagine all the massive sunflowers, bright and swaying in the breeze, towering over our heads! Fruition Seeds has sown an impressive collection of giant sunflower varieties and, instead of choosing one to share, we let them all cross and bring even more glorious diversity to you!