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Manifest Weight Loss

Learn How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Lose Weight With These 8 Different Strategies: 

  1. Think like a thin person 
  2. Get real with your expectations
  3. Achievement through small goals
  4. Buddy System
  5. Write a plan of action
  6. Set up a reward system 
  7. List your bad habits 
  8. Keep a weight loss journal

Think Like a Thin Person

The power of thinking like a thin person is the first step in manifesting your weight loss. Find old photos of yourself at your desired weight. Post these photos in locations that you will regularly see. Then, imagine yourself looking like this in six months to a year. Think back to that time in your life and your daily habits that gave you the body you wish to achieve.  

Once again, to achieve that goal, you must break old habits and manifest yourself in a positive light. 

Get Real with your Expectations

Set yourself up for success by setting realistic expectations. You did not gain the weight you are trying to lose overnight, so why would you expect to lose it overnight? Set long-term goals that are healthy, manageable, and achievable.  

Achievement through Small Goals

When manifesting your weight loss, imagine a series of short-term achievable successes of 1-2 pounds per month. The same application of small goals applies when adding exercise goals. Start with a plan that is reasonable for your physical abilities. If you can add five more minutes to your weekly exercise routine, imagine where you will be at the end of your six months. Keep manifesting your achievement in your mind. 

Buddy System

We all achieve more with the proper support. If you can find a support group, a friend, or a family member to check in with regularly during your weight journey, you will be setting yourself up for more success. If together you both want to manifest weight loss, you can utilize the combined strength of your energy forces.

Write a Plan of Action

Planning ahead is 80% of the battle. Nightly, plan your healthy meals and fitness schedule for the next day. Start with meal prepping and packing meals that need to be on the go with you—making it less likely that you will be hungry and grab junk. Keep nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and protein bars on hand to satisfy the cravings. 

Like any other scheduled appointment, your fitness schedule should be added to your calendar.

Set up a rewards system

Set up a new reward system that does not involve food. For example, a movie trip, a manicure, a particular exercise class, or something that celebrates your weight loss achievements. Make these mini goals, such as 3-5 pounds, a few inches around the waist, or getting into your favorite pair of jeans. The point is to celebrate the achievable small goals. 

List your bad habits 

Old habits die hard. Make a list of your top 5 bad habits that are affecting your weight. Then look honestly at each pattern and see where you can make a change or substitution. See examples of change: 

Current habitNew habit
Couch potatoTake a walk
Side of friesSide Salad
SodaWater with lemon
White breadWhole grain bread
Staying up lateGet a good night’s sleep
CookiesBerries with whip cream

Keep a Weight Loss Journal

Weigh in regularly and keep journals detailing what you eat, how much you exercise, and your emotions when eating. Many people are emotional eaters. It is also a good idea to have your start weight and all your measurements in your journal. 

Studies have shown that tracking this information helps promote positive behavior. Journals keep us accountable to ourselves. 

Good luck with manifesting your weight loss. If you want to learn more, Life Coach and TLC Reality TV Star Christina Manning will show you how to draw on the power of your mind to lose weight.

Written by the GNL Editorial Staff