Manifest Weight Loss


Life coach and TLC reality TV star Christina Manning will show you how to draw on the power of your mind to lose weight.



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    Can you Manifest Weight Loss?

    Everything starts in your mind. If you believe it, you can achieve it. The power of positive thinking can help you manifest weight loss. Keeping your attitude & energy positive and envisioning yourself at your desired weight is one of the key factors to attaining your goals. Most people will quit if they do not receive instant results. The key is that you must reinforce this positive state of mind every day through several channels. Below is a list of strategies to assist you on your journey. Remember, think of this as a marathon, not a sprint.

    Strategies to help manifest weight loss:

    1. Start with a daily journal.

    In this journal, start by clarifying why you want to lose weight. When you examine the intentions behind your manifestation, be sure that a positive service to yourself inspires your intentions. Your thoughts, conscience, and subscience dictate the energy you send to the universe. Positive energy equals positive results. Negative energy equals negative consequences.

    Positive intentions serve your spirit & give you a sense of well-being.

    Examples of positive thinking:

    1. I want to lead a healthier life.
    2. I want to look and feel my best
    3. I want more energy

    Negative intentions only serve others and do not put your needs first. Examples of negative thinking:

    1. I want to look good to please others
    2. I want to lose weight and not get bullied.
    3. I want to lose weight to look like on social media.

    2. Appreciate Your Body

    Be grateful for what you have. Celebrate your positive physical aspects. Write into your daily journal what you find beautiful about yourself. Also, remember that every day you need to appreciate and give yourself credit for the small wins that happen daily. Writing those wins in your journal is an easy way to do this. Pat yourself on the back after every workout, recognizing your progress on your weight loss journey.

    1. Visualization Techniques

    When manifesting, visualization is a large part of achieving your desired results. Find photographs that make you feel good about yourself and post them where you regularly see them. If you utilize a scale, take a post-it note, write your desired weight, and put it on top of the weight readout. These actions will reinforce your daily weight loss manifestations.

    To learn more tips & tricks on how to manifest weight loss, watch Manifest Weight Loss with a Life coach and TLC reality TV star Christina Manning.

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