Your Natural Facelift with Face Yoga!

Your Natural Facelift with Face Yoga!


Monday, May 9, 2022
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Eastern
(3:00 pm Central // 1:00 pm Pacific)

Sophia Ha, certified face yoga coach and wellness advisor, will explain the science behind face yoga. Then she will teach you how you can lift, tone and sculpt your face from the inside out.

What will you learn: 

  • Learn the fundamentals of Face Yoga. 
  • The science behind face yoga. 
  • Walk away with feeling and looking lifted!

Workshop Notes: Please make sure you are wearing a loose shirt that allows you to move your arms and access your neck. Your face should be well moisturized, or you can have moisturizer nearby. A mirror so you can see yourself is optional.

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About the program leader: 

Sophia Ha is a certified Face Yoga Coach and Wellness Advisor dedicated to the foundations and fundamentals of face yoga. Her teaching style is informative and effective with a focus around self awareness. This focus brings attention to how you can use your face, explores the root of holding particular facial patterns, and how you can release habitual facial movement. Sophia’s understanding of the mind body connection, and her attentiveness to the details of each client’s needs, makes the sincerity of what she does undeniable. Sophia currently resides in Toronto hosting workshops and private sessions teaching online and in person.