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“Beauty inside for beauty outside.” That is the mantra of Nga El, a medicinal aromatherapist, certified facial reflexologist and one of Girls Nite Live’s resident holistic beauty experts. 

A few years ago, Nga saw a photo of her face and didn’t like what she saw. She was 35 years old, battling low self-esteem and depression, and nothing that doctors prescribed her was working— a lot of it was making matters worse. 

Nga decided that if she wanted to change, she would have to make those changes herself. 

First, she focused on the things that she was putting into her body. Cutting out acidic sodas, fried foods and meat made way for a physical transformation, but Nga was not just looking for physical results. She felt her body aging faster than her spirit, and she knew she had to look inward for the answer. 

“We’re programmed to judge a book by its cover, but the story inside the pages is usually so much deeper, richer, [and] transformational,” Nga says

Before she knew it, Nga was running down a path toward holistic healing. She discovered medicinal grade essential essences: organic essential oils that are bio-dynamically harvested according to nature’s circadian rhythms, and she became a certified medicinal aromatherapist. 

Re-balanced and energized on the inside, Nga’s body started to feel better on the outside. At this point, she only had one body part left to conquer: her face. 

Women are so often told that beauty fades with age. Yet, here Nga was at age 40 feeling and looking better than she had in years. Her secret lied in her newest area of study: facial reflexology. 

According to Healthline, “the concept of facial reflexology is that there are meridian points on the face that correspond with various organs in the body.”  By stimulating those points, you do not stimulate those organs directly, but instead affect “‘the brain’s areas responsible for the regulation of those organs.’” 

In doing so, you not only receive relief from adverse symptoms, but may also experience better sleep, increased energy, healthier skin, an elevated mood, and so on. 

Now couple the benefits of facial reflexology with Nga’s use of vibrational healing tones and facial exercises, and voila, you have a rush of endorphins to the brain and increased circulation in the face— or, as Nga likes to call it, a Holistic Facelift. 

“Never let age dictate your beauty,” Nga says. 

Through her company Nga El Holistic Beauty, Nga helps women prolong their cosmetic enhancements and achieve natural facelifts. Simple yet revolutionary, Nga’s technique supplies a total body healing experience that brings beauty inside so you can exude beauty outside.

Nga’s facial muscle exercises can be done anywhere, anytime: from the bed, to the tub, to the next time you’re stuck in traffic— or maybe you’re the cause of traffic, because you had so much fun doing Nga’s exercises that you forgot to hit the gas. The point is, you don’t need a gym to exercise your face, because you already have all of the tools you need. Combine those resources with Nga’s expertise, and you may just start aging backwards. 

To learn more about Nga El Holistic Beauty or schedule a Holistic Facelift session, visit Nga’s company Facebook page here

“The root of beauty is honor… is it time to learn to better honor you?” –Nga El.