Work With Crystals For The New Year To See Your Way Through

Work With Crystals For The New Year To See Your Way Through

Work With Crystals For The New Year To See Your Way Through

By Ava Adames, founder of Violets in Bloom

Cycles and seasons come and go as nature flows and regulates our human patterns. The brink of a New Year is no exception. The New Year uniquely speaks to the energy and opportunity to reestablish our needs, wants, and desires which we can then shape into goals. 

There is also a unique sense of excitement around the New Year, and an ability to be free to start over. This often causes us to experience some pressure around where, when, and how to begin this transformation. 

Our society has determined that New Year’s intentions and goals are a way for us to resolve any past mistakes and regrets which contain energy that no longer serves us. But we know that even with good intentions and goals, the reality is that they seldom work without a flexible plan and the resources and tools necessary to help achieve them. Resources include supportive people, places, and things, and are most readily available. Tools are devices that help with the tasks required to reach your goal. In my experience as a subtle energy wellness coach, I have found that people think more about how to use the resources and overlook the tools. But, tools are just as important as resources. Think of it this way – Can a carpenter create a dream home without a hammer? Most likely not without the tools; they are essential!

To support your New Year’s intentions and goals you’ll want to have a variety of tools. Tools like a journal, supportive apps, and maybe a few energetic helpers like crystals. 

Crystals reflect energy characteristics that can keep us inspired and motivated to persevere when the new year starts to feel old. Thankfully, there are certain crystals that work very well during the first few weeks of January, and then beyond to meet us where we are and see us through to where we want to be. 

Supportive New Year Crystals

These crystals will help you to see yourself accurately, enabling you to break undesirable habits while reinforcing your focus and commitment to consistent action. 

Jasper Crystals

Crystals much like animals, trees, flowers & plants come in “different families and species” These supportive crystals are all a part of the jasper family of stones. Known as the “Supreme Nurturers,” jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing. 

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Zebra Jasper

Yellow Jasper
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Ocean Jasper


Yin YangHappinessWater/Atlantis
OptimismDecision makingConnection
WholenessOptimismStress reduction
BalanceConfidenceEmotional wellness

Zebra Jasper

Black and white stones are always a balancing crystal. They are great at any time of the year but especially during a time of renewal. Much like the concept of yin and yang, our different types of energy also require balance. Zebra jasper is a stone that will connect us to optimism, and wholeness while balancing how we see the world. It also helps with the many gray areas in life that require flexibility and grace. This stone allows us to be gentle with ourselves while taking steps towards our goals while granting permission to re-evaluate our intentions.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow crystals are empowerment crystals. They love to support our instincts and intuition. yellow jasper may increase your ability to make strong decisions and take action on things that may feel uncomfortable. We often need to get out of our own way to achieve all the things we wish even when it’s not enjoyable. Yellow jasper provides us with the confidence and strength to lead by our intuition which works with our sense of inner wisdom and provides hopeful optimism. 

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a “free spirit” crystal. It works with all energies to provide a connection to flow and has a lovely feeling of peace as it aids in stress reduction and emotional wellness. It’s a beautiful crystal to utilize if you predict a challenging conversation or if you are experiencing a depletion in your physical energy. It’s a stone to work with regularly as it can be useful as a reflection of the calm before the storm. In this way, when you are dealing with unexpected issues you’ll have a bit of self-regulated mastery in resolving them to continue to move forward.

Working with these crystals can be simple.

Here are a few traditional ways to work with intentions and goals with your crystal tools. 

Seated Meditation while Crystal Gazing

Place all three crystals in front of you while seated. Choose the crystal that you want to work with first and place it in your left hand. Hold one of the other crystals as a support in your right hand. The third crystal can remain in front of you as a visual reminder. Breathe in and out comfortably while envisioning yourself taking the necessary action steps to achieve your goal. This can be for as little as 30 seconds or as long as you feel comfortable. Before finishing this meditation spend a few seconds thinking about how you will feel when you reach your goal. Gratitude is a feeling most people will experience when they achieve things that they truly want. 

Active Styles of Meditation

This form of meditation can be done while walking, dancing, or doing any other activity. Just have your crystals in your pockets and use them to tap into the energies that are already within you.

Focused Writing & Checklists

Another way to work with crystals and your goals is by utilizing them while writing in a journal. Documenting goals and creating to-do lists with checks and balances help to quickly manifest them from our minds onto paper. After drafting out your goals or checking things off, place your crystals on top of your journal or notebook.

I hope these suggested crystals and how to use them support you in achieving all that you need, want, and desire in 2023. Remember, tools like crystals can help you stay committed, focused, and optimistic!  

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