Why Do We Think that Life Has to be Hard

By Ana Jones

LIEF with Anna Jones

Hard work, or the belief of it, is highly rewarded in most societies worldwide. 

We have this belief system that the busier we appear, the more successful we will seem to others.

I have seen so many phrases, hashtags and planners that praise this constantly busy culture. Today, I am here to tell you this – STOP believing everything you hear, read and see that does not align with the life you want to live. Period!

How? Just start shifting your mindset now and ask yourself whether you are willing to risk being wrong in order to live a life of ease and flow. Here are some suggestions to help you start rewiring your mindset:

  • Listen to your thoughts. What thoughts are running through your head about life, money, relationships, dreams, goals, etc? If the phrase “it’s too hard” comes up, ask yourself why?
    • Where does this belief come from?
    • Who is it serving?
    • Wouldn’t my life be better without this belief?
  • Watch your language. Truly listen to how you speak about your life.
    • Every time the word “hard” comes out of your mouth, stop yourself.
    • If you say that anything related to marriage, friendship, or relationships are “hard work”, stop!
    • Any time you think or speak about something being hard or difficult, ask yourself why?
  • Develop mantras and affirmations about people, situations and circumstances in your life that feel “hard”.
  • Imagine that your life is super easy with everything always in alignment with your beliefs.
  • Take the word “hard” out of your vocabulary when it comes to anything about the quality of your life.

It may be difficult to make these changes because for decades you have thought this way, and experienced life with this mindset. Your mind and body will fight you, but it can be done. It will just take courage and time to keep going and never give up. You deserve a life filled with wonder, ease, flow and grace. Allow no one to tell you otherwise!

Edited by the GNL Editorial Staff