The Unapologetic Woman: What does it mean and How to be one

The Unapologetic Woman: What does it mean and How to be one


Monday, March 28, 2022
7:00 pm - 7:30 pm Eastern
(6:00 pm Central // 4:00 pm Pacific)

Life coach Ana Jones is going to talk about what it means to be an unapologetic woman; someone who knows her worth. You will learn how to become a stronger woman who sets boundaries, and values her time and energy. 

What will you learn:

  • Women have been apologizing for centuries and there is no need to continue this non-serving pattern. 
  • Women miss out on much more opportunities than men because they do not ask. 
  • An unapologetic woman is someone who knows her worth, sets healthy boundaries, values her time and energy. 
About the program leader: 

Ana Jones was born and raised in the city of Tampico, Tamaulipas, México. She arrived in Dallas in 2013 and still calls it home. Dallas welcomed Ana with open arms and gave her an opportunity to explore the world of entrepreneurship. Her first venture, I Am the Juice Place, an affirmation-based business opened in the heart of downtown Dallas in 2016. Within the first year, Ana had a six figure enterprise, which she sold in 2019 to explore other ventures of interest. She wished to utilize her certifications in holistic health: coaching, yoga, meditation, lactation education and others. Today, Ana dedicates herself to her triad — Emotional Freedom Coaching, Meditation, and her Emotional Well Being podcast in Spanish: Mil Mentes • Mil Mundos {A Thousand Minds • A Thousand Words]. Her passion is helping individuals to understand that they could only do their best with what they had within them based on life experiences. Ana strongly believes that we cannot keep blaming others for what has happened to us; nor do we have to blame ourselves either. A viable and empowering option is to actually take responsibility for our emotional well being, and do the work by addressing the trauma that is present. “If we don’t heal from what hurt us, we’ll bleed on those who didn’t cut us.” (Unknown)  This is such a beautiful and powerful concept because it reaffirms that we absolutely CAN change our lives. It is simply up to us to choose when that will happen.