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Kym Gold, Founder of Style Union Home

Every Sunday, Kym Gold’s family eats dinner together. Leaving their devices at the door, the children are welcomed into the kitchen by fresh aromas of tomato, cheese, and olive oil: the lingering smells of their mother’s lasagna. At the same time, the dinner table, lined with serving plates large and small, summons the family forward. 

Specifically, what Kym hears is a wide serving bowl calling her name. It invokes not only a sensation of mouthwatering anticipation thanks to its contents (a crisp caesar salad) but also a warm feeling of nostalgia. 

This bowl lived for a long while in Kym’s memories…but, it was never really just a bowl. Apart from salad, the bowl held memories of Sunday family dinners in Malibu with her mother, Nikki. It represents something larger: a sense of home, family, and a culture of dining and unwinding in the warm California air.

In 2020, Kym brought the Nikki Gathering Bowl to life through Style Union Home (SUH), a home fashion brand comprising a line of luxury, handcrafted ceramics. 

Kym, the fashion powerhouse and co-founder of True Religion Jeans, not only brought her eye for style to SUH but also her fierce sense of integrity. An advocate for women’s equality first and foremost, Kym donates 5% of all sales from the Unity Collection to Black Women for Wellness.

“I lead everything with passion. If I’m passionate about something, it’s never a hobby; it turns into a business. The byproduct is financial success,” Kym tells us.

In every job she’s had, Kym has aimed to uplift women. From designing jeans at True Religion to be more inclusive of women’s body types to motivating her coworkers to build businesses of their own,  Kym’s passion for empowering women burns brighter than any kiln.

When asked about her Style Union Home team, Kym describes a tight-knit community: “This company is only a company because of my team.” 

Between “pizza Fridays” and “salad Wednesdays,” the SUH team of potters injects their intense love for what they do into each ounce of ceramic. Every piece that they create is not only touched by an eye for beauty and fashion, but is also created with heart: probably because each item has its own story. 

If you peruse the Style Union Home website, you will see that each item has its own name. You don’t just buy a scooper, but a Ryan Scooper, named after Kym’s son, who loves ice cream. Looking for a bowl? Try the Gigi Bowl, named after Kym’s friend in Italy who always eats pasta out of bowls. Or, if you’re in need of a plate, take a look at the Lia Round Snack Plate, named after Kym’s childhood best friend.

Plus, Style Union Home pieces are not just limited to the kitchen. There is a piece for every room in the house: organize your office with the Amanda Holder, decorate your living room with a Jill Candle, and even bring beauty into your bathroom with a Dylan Basket.

In short, Kym puts it best: “each piece has a life of its own.”

On Thursday, March 11th, tune in to Girls Nite Live programming for a live shopping segment with Style Union Home where you will be able to shop all of SUH’s thoughtfully crafted, sustainable pieces to organize, entertain, and decorate any room you can think of. A fashionable, cohesive home is the goal… supporting women-owned businesses and charities in the process is just an additional perk.