What Is a Strawberry Schaum Torte and How to Make One!

What Is a Strawberry Schaum Torte and How to Make One!


Tuesday, May 31, 2022
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Eastern
(3:00 pm Central // 1:00 pm Pacific)

Madalaine McDaniel, GNL Ambassador and creator of the Lakeside Table will demonstrate how you can make a strawberry Schaum Torte from the meringue to the whipped cream. She will also talk about low carb and low fat substitutions.

If you love Pavlova you will love this German equivalent!

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What will you learn: 

  • How to make a meringue from scratch.
  • Two meringue variations: low carb (low sugar) & low fat.
  • How to best use a whipped cream dispenser.
About the program leader: 

Madalaine McDaniel “looooves” to help people who crave a delicious life and want to have FUN in their kitchen! While working on an Economics degree at George Mason University, working in small restaurants, and even after having a career in medical sales, she couldn’t stay away from the industry. When Madalaine left medical sales and was raising a family, “that’s” when she fell in love with cooking and food photography. In 2019, she completed her culinary degree from Escoffier Academy of Culinary Arts, and in 2021 published her first hardback, the 300-page cookbook Lakeside Table – Sauces: flavors that bring people together along with its interactive digital version.  Aside from being interviewed on various podcasts: BFF with the Chef, A Deeper Life, and A Wedding Podcast, Madalaine’s Lakeside Table photography was featured in Vogue Japan (January 2022). You can catch Madalaine’s latest weekly videos (starting March 2022) every Wednesday on YouTube and other tasty, saucy recipes on her Lakesidetable online platform.