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Strengthen Your Intuition

By Ava Adames

Gathering information firsthand from our surroundings by recognizing signs and symbols is a great way to support your intuition and its vibration.

Observing and becoming aware of how nature communicates with us can manifest in you being able to forecast events in life.

Recognizing spiritual signs not only provides guidance but is also a way of grounding you in the moment.


  1. Mental/Psychic – These signs can include:
    1. Thinking of a friend and then they call! 
    2. Seeing something from your childhood at the precise time you may be entertaining a big decision like a career change. 
    3. Finding lost items that seem to be in a place you didn’t imagine they would be! 
    4. Lucid dreaming may also contain signs and symbols within them. 

These are scratch-your-head signs, but signify your intuition saw something

  1. Physical – These are signs that you may come across in daily life and can include extreme body temperatures that normally would be stable, hair-raising/goose pimples, and stomach churning.
    Other less common and more spiritual/physical signs are sudden ear ringing especially on the left side, throat closing without any sign of sickness, and seeing vivid mental images that seem like deja vu.
  2. Nature & Symbols – The signs may include:
    1. Seeing messenger animals like birds, deer, butterflies, or any animal really.
    2. Seeing repeated numbers like 11:11, 222, 777, or the same numbers on a clock or cell phone at the same time every day. 
    3. Symbols and messages that mean something personally to you, like if a truck passes by you and it has the image of a bouquet of your friend’s favorite flowers who recently passed away, or it can happen at the time of the friend’s anniversary of their passing.


  • If it is a valid sign, it will come shortly after you’ve been pondering about something in your life, or shortly after you’ve directly asked a meaningful and difficult question. This could mean a few seconds to a day or two.
  • It intuitively feels “special” or meaningful in some way. (You don’t need to know how or why right away.)
  • It grabs your attention in a sudden or unusual way – kind of like a tap on the shoulder by the Universe.
  • It makes you feel something such as awe, gratitude, relief, curiosity, etc.
  • It puts you into a meditative or self-reflective state. In other words, it will make you think, “What does that mean?”

Edited by the GNL Editorial Staff