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World Predictions 2023


Join us for a fascinating workshop of World Predictions 2023 with Astrologer & Numerologist, Kathryn Andries. Kathryn will explain the cosmic events that led to her 2023 predictions, such as the position of transiting planets and how this will affect the world, and the nodal positions and what that shows about our collective world karma. In addition, we will gain an understanding of planetary retrogrades, eclipses, and moon phase activity for the year 2023. 



    Learn about World Predictions 2023: 

    • The astrological events for 2023
    • How to calculate your numbers for 2023
    • Possible world trends and how to apply them to your individual chart

    Cost: $5.00

    Discover the thrilling secrets of the future and unlock the mysteries of 2023 with GNL’s captivating on-demand video on World Predictions! 

    Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring journey guided by the esteemed Astrologer & Numerologist Kathryn Andries. You better prepare to be captivated as she unravels the celestial dance that foretells the remarkable events that lie ahead.

    The Astrological Events for 2023

    Ignite the power of your future by uncovering the profound impact of astrological events in 2023! 

    Kathryn is helping you take control of your destiny and gain invaluable insights. With her expertise, she will guide you through the celestial maze, disclosing the cosmic forces that will shape your path. Don’t miss your chance to harness the transformative energy of the stars – embrace her wisdom and step into a future brimming with possibilities.

    And let us not forget the mesmerizing lunar cycles, each phase offering a unique tapestry of energies. She will shed light on the moon’s ethereal dance, divulging how its waxing and waning influence our emotions, intentions, and aspirations.

    How to Calculate Your Numbers for 2023

    From the vibration of your birth date to the significance of your name, Kathryn will demonstrate the deep insights that lie within these numerical patterns. 

    Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, know the power of numerology, and embark on a journey of self-discovery like never before.

    With this priceless information, you will be prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of 2023 with assurance and purpose. Whether you seek love, career success, financial abundance, or personal growth, her knowledge will act as your guiding light, illuminating the path toward your desires.

    Possible World Trends and How to Apply Them to Your Individual Chart

    Picture a life where you seamlessly ride the waves of change, leveraging the global trends to create a path that aligns with your passions, talents, and aspirations. With Kathryn Andries as your guide, you will discover how to tap into the transformative energy of the world and apply it strategically to manifest the life you truly desire.

    In this enlightening and empowering video, you will explore the trends for the future, and it will show you how to navigate and hold your energy through the lens of your personal astrological chart. From technological advancements to environmental consciousness and social dynamics to spiritual awakenings, you will disentangle the tapestry of trends that will define the world in the coming years.


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