World Predictions 2023- Part 2


World Predictions 2023 is heavily based on planetary transits. This year will surely bring a few global and personal surprises. To further understand what the future holds, we will look at planetary transits for this year to understand possible international events and how these events will affect you personally. Furthermore, we will look at the numerology for the year, globally and personally, to understand the opportunities and challenges for 2023.

The Planetary Numbers for 2023 add up to a 7 in numerology. The number 7 is associated with wisdom, intuition, and knowledge. It is also a spiritual number that encourages us to look within ourselves for answers. So, when looking at planetary transits for this year, it’s essential to keep these themes in mind.



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What you will learn:

  • What is the focus for each individual in 2023
  • What will be the best financial investments for 2023
  • What are the best business ideas for 2023

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