Unclutter Your Environment


Learn how to lower your stress levels and make your life easier by decluttering your home or office. Did you ever feel guilty getting rid of your memorabilia or unwanted gifts?  Stefanie Wyres and Christine Baideme, co-founders of Bring Peace Home, will help you shed those feelings and objects to live in a cutter free environment. This will allow you to feel better both physically and emotionally.



    What will you learn: 

    • How to declutter your home. 
    • What is emotional clutter?
    • How to separate emotions from your objects.’

    Say goodbye to the guilt of holding onto unnecessary items, whether they are sentimental trinkets or unwanted gifts. 

    Join Stefanie Wyres and Christine Baideme, the passionate co-founders of Bring Peace Home, as they guide you through the transformative process of decluttering. In their captivating video, available exclusively on GNL, you will learn invaluable techniques to eliminate debris and create a harmonious living space that shines for years to come!

    How to Declutter Your Home?

    Are you tired of living in a space that drains your energy and steals your joy? Well, you can get rid of that now! 

    Take a deep breath and start by selecting a category to tackle, whether it is your overflowing closet, shelves of books, or a chaotic kitchen. Then, take each item in your hands, one by one, and ask yourself a simple but powerful question: Does this spark joy? As you grasp each item, sense the energy moving through your fingertips. It’s worth keeping if it makes you happy and feels good.

    It is about creating a home that reflects your true self,  filled with things that inspire and uplift you.

    If you are in need of more incredible techniques and want to witness a truly life-changing experience, GNL has something special for you. Stefanie Wyres and Christine Baideme have created a mind-blowing video to take your decluttering journey to new heights.

    What is Emotional Clutter?

    If you are ready to free yourself from the chains of emotional clutter and unlock a life of boundless joy and fulfillment, you better imagine stepping into a world where your mind is clear, your heart is light, and your spirit soars with unbridled enthusiasm. 

    Just like a cluttered room suffocates our physical space, emotional clutter wreaks havoc on our inner landscape. It accumulates as unresolved conflicts, past regrets, toxic relationships, and self-doubt, weighing us down and robbing us of the serenity and confidence we deserve. 

    Discover effective strategies to declutter your feelings, such as practicing mindfulness, letting go of grudges, and setting healthy boundaries. 

    Stefanie Wyres and Christine Baideme welcome you to buy their captivating video and gain the tools to release negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from living your best life.

    How to Separate Emotions From Your Objects?

    Participants can expect to let go of their emotional attachment to items they hold. A few of the tips are here:

    • Create meaningful rituals: Honor emotional significance and let go symbolically.
    • Focus on the present: Engage in joyful activities and create new memories.
    • Practice gratitude: Appreciate experiences and relationships over possessions.
    • Surround with positivity: Fill your space with meaningful items that reflect your values.
    • Seek Support: Share your journey with trusted individuals for guidance and insights.

    Brace yourself; the journey ahead will be nothing short of extraordinary!


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