Tarot Cards for Beginners


Life coach and TLC reality TV star Christina Manning will show you the basic principles of the tarot card and how you can begin to read Tarot.



    What you will learn: 

    • Learn the basic principles of the tarot card
    • Learn how to read tarot cards for beginners

    All set to tap into the magical world of Tarot Cards? Buy our on-demand ‘Tarot Cards for Beginners’ video led by the life coach and TLC reality TV star Christina Manning!

    Whether you are new to tarot or already have some basic knowledge about it, this video will provide you with the foundation you need to begin your journey of reading tarot cards. You’ll leave with a new found appreciation for the power of tarot and the ability to read the cards with high spirits!

    Learn the Basic Principles of the Tarot Card

    You’ll discover the fundamental principles of tarot, including the majestic history of the tarot deck and its symbolism. One will gain a  comprehension of the major and minor arcana, the court cards, and how to decrypt them in a reading. 

    With Christina’s direction, you will discover the true meaning behind these cards and the distinct spreads you can use to read them. 

    Learn How to Read Tarot Cards for Beginners

    By the end, Christina will provide you with all the tools you need to initiate your tarot practice. You’ll know how to employ your instincts to interpret cards and how to incorporate them into your daily rituals. Whether you want to use them for personal growth, self-discovery, or to read for others, this GNL video is an excellent starting point! 

    No prior knowledge is needed! No past experience is mandated! All you ought to have is an open mind and an appetite to learn more & more!

    It will be a day of discovery and exploration as you tap deep into the wisdom behind it. Do not overlook this incredible opportunity and learn from a seasoned professional and clear out your queries and concerns.


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