Strawberry Schaum Torte


Madalaine McDaniel, creator of the Lakeside Table, will demonstrate how you can make a strawberry Schaum Torte from the meringue to the whipped cream. She will also talk about low carb and low fat substitutions.

If you love Pavlova you will love this German equivalent!

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    What you will learn with GNL

    • How to make a meringue from scratch.
    • Two meringue variations: low carb (low sugar) & low fat.
    • How to best use a whipped cream dispenser.

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    What is a Strawberry Schaum Torte?

    The Schaum Torte is virtually unknown outside of Wisconsin. The Schaum Torte is the German equivalent of Pavlova. Although they look identical, Schaum Torte does not contain corn starch. The Schaum Torte is a meringue-based dessert. You can make a full-size Schaum Torte using a 9-inch spring for a pan or individual-sized Schaum Tortes.

    The Schaum Torte was initially created by German immigrants and shared with their descendants, especially in Wisconsin & Milwaukee. It is very popular for Memorial Day celebrations when Strawberries are in season. Other popular fillings include mixed berries or fresh fruit, ice cream, and topped with whipped cream.
    As delicious as this dessert looks, it is surprisingly low in calories. A strawberry Schaum serving is approximately 154 calories. The prep time is also 20 minutes. The baking time is 90 minutes. Thus your total time for this beautiful dessert is under 2 hours.

    If you decide to bake along with Madalaine McDaniel, creator of the Lakeside Table, here is a list of ingredients:

    • egg whites
    • water
    • salt
    • granulated sugar
    • cream of tartar
    • white vinegar
    • vanilla extract
    • fresh strawberries
    • whipped cream

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