Rose Candy Apples


Come learn all the tips and tricks of making the perfect rose hard candy apple with Kim Battle, owner of Kandy Apples by K in Raleigh, NC. A true hard candy is encased in a super shiny, bright-colored red hard shell that shatters when you bite it.

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    What you will learn with GNL:

    • How to make rose hard candy apples
    • Tips and tricks for shaping the rose
    • Tips and tricks for the temperature of your sugar
    • Tips and tricks for picking and prepping the perfect apple


    Candied fruit is always a perfect treat, and yummilicious Rose Candy Apples are hugely favored by kids and adults alike, that are double-dipped in sugar for extra gloss, and the sweetness is balanced with the tartness of apples to tantalize your taste buds. They’re best served fresh, so let them be your “last-minute sweet perfection!”

    Luckily, you can make these gourmet Rose Candy Apples at home by picking the best apples, keeping a keen eye on the temperature, shaping the candy the right way, maintaining the sugar-to-water ratio, and decorating your perfect rose with toppings. 

    Don’t you need it red? Add any food color to give Rose Hard Candy other bright colors.

    How To Make Rose Candy Apples With Kim Battle

    Kim Battle, owner of Kandy Apples by K in Raleigh, NC, is offering a from-scratch recipe and detailed guidance based on tips and hacks that can help you make a true hard candy. The video will teach you each step, from preparation and coating to cooking and handling the hot sugar, for making this sweet & crunchy traditional fall treat that CRACKS when you bite and MELTS in your mouth. 

    Tips & tricks for shaping the rose hard candy?

    Shaping the hard candy apples perfectly is an art in itself that demands you to be steady with your hands and creative with your mind. Ugly-looking candy might not become a winner, despite tasting heavenly. You need to shape the rose flawlessly with smooth edges and delicate petals.

    Kim Battle is going to tell you all about innovative hacks, special hand techniques, and the necessary tools needed for pouring the sugar syrup to get the crustiest, perfectly molded ROSE candy.

    Regardless of the number of apples you are going to coat, this video will explain to you about calculating the right amounts of ingredients and sugar-to-water ratio as well as the timing and temperature to get the right consistency for the perfect shaping of a hard apple candy.

    Tips & tricks for the temperature of your sugar

    Keeping a temperature in check is essential for the process of melting granular sugar into a hard yet smooth and amazingly transparent candy coating.

    Kim’s video will explain the hard crack stage of sugar, the use of a candy thermometer, and time management to achieve accuracy. How much reading is required of your sugar syrup to boil, and at what temperature must it be cooled properly – we’ve covered you!

    Tips & tricks for picking and preparing the perfect Apples

    You will also learn about choosing the most commonly used apples that meet the quality, freshness, taste, and crispiness on the set of scales. There are varieties of apples, but only some can complement the sugariness perfectly, along with offering the added benefit of longevity, authentic taste, and holding color for longer.

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