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Punch It Out


Gather your weights, relieve some stress and punch it out with Sheila Cunningham. You will learn 4 punches used in boxing class as you strengthen some major muscle groups. As you follow along, Sheila shares easy breathing techniques to reduce stress and help you push past obstacles.



    What you will learn: 

    • Punching past your stress.
    • Power up on your strength.
    • Pushing past your obstacles. 

    Challenge Yourself & Push Past Your Limits! 

    Want to punch out your stress and create some weighty strength in your body? Buy GNL’s ‘Punch It Out’ video hosted by Sheila Cunningham, which features a high-energy workout routine drafted to help you master those punches needed in boxing classes while also fortifying your primary muscle groups.

    Whether you are a fitness aficionado or a beginner, this is excellent for anyone looking to get in shape and alleviate stress.

    Feel stronger, energized & ready to take on whatever comes your way! 

    Punching Away Your Stress

    Punch It Out is an incredible approach to help people learn how to ease stress and boost their mental well-being. As you hit your way through the video, your body will release endorphins, enabling you to feel better and happy. Also, Sheila will share some easy breathing techniques along the way to help you relax and feel more comfortable. 

    Power Up on Your Strength!

    Boost your strength and tone your muscles with this workshop

    As you punch your way through the active body routine, you’ll target major muscle groups, including your arms, shoulders, as well as core area. And since boxing needs plenty of upper body power, you’ll start observing the results fast. Besides developing strength, the workshop is the perfect cardio workout as well. You’ll get your heart beat up for good and burn calories to shed those extra kilos! 

    Pushing Past Your Obstacles

    This video is not just about developing and augmenting the physical strength of your body; it is about forcing past your mental hindrances and accomplishing your goals. Sheila will assist you to set adequate goals and push yourself to thrive! 

    What are you thinking about? Start your journey toward better health, both physically & mentally. 

    Buy your video now to have an incredibly tiring yet fun day!


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