Product Photography 101


Lia Biscardi, product photographer, will teach you product photography 101. In this workshop, Lia will teach the basics of how to take photographs for product-based businesses and E-commerce. There are many tricks to the trade that will make your products stand out and get noticed. Great lighting, product background, and product placement are all essentials basics for product photography.



    What you will learn: 

    • How to properly photograph products.
    • Dos and don’ts for photographing the products.
    • Creating an emotional response with your photo marketing plan.

    Struggling to grab the impression of the targeted audience? 

    If you need captivating product portraits to catch all those eyeballs or want to learn the tricks of the trade to make your products stand out in an extremely competitive e-commerce market, welcome to GNL’s Product Photography 101.

    We will take you on a haul to learn all the essential basic skills needed for product photography. The video is led by the talented Lia Bicardi – a professional product photographer with years of expertise. 

    Learn How to Properly Photograph Products 

    Lia Bicardi will teach you how to take professional-level photographs of your products with just a few tips and tricks. She’ll give you an in-depth practical idea of how to create exquisite visuals that limelight the features, benefits, and USPs of your product. She will be explaining the following topics.

    • Fundamental lighting techniques
    • Camera composition & angles 
    • Right photography background according to the product
    • Product styling and props
    • Picture editing and post-processing steps 

    Do’s and Don’ts for Photographing the Products 

    Master product photography with GNL on-demand video, revealing all the secret antics to achieve photographic perfection every time! 

    You’ll get an interactive learning experience like no other. Also, Lia will be telling you about her own dos & don’ts principles to capture professionalism in every shot – no matter what sort of setup or device you’re dealing with. To sweeten the pot, she’ll highlight some challenges along the way and how to overcome those with the least effort. 

    Creating an Emotional Response with Your Photo Marketing Plan 

    Speaking from the heart of professionals, photography is an art with huge potential to arouse emotions and display stories. That’s precisely what you’re going to get here – to snap the Emotion.

    Learn how to communicate feelings and stories through your captures. 

    We welcome you to discover how to compose premium shots for ultimate emotional influence on the audience.


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