Mercury Retrograde 2023


Do you believe Mercury going Retrograde has an impact on your life? 84% of the population does. Leslie McGuirk, Astrologer to The Stars and Author of The Power of Mercury, will help to guide and prepare you for the first Mercury Retrograde, beginning on April 21, 2023. She has a fresh take on how to survive these often unsettling times.  You will learn why knowing your Mercury sign is as important as knowing your Sun sign, and why you shouldn’t look upon Mercury Retrograde with fear.



    What you will learn with GNL:

    • Understanding what Mercury Retrograde is
    • How to start preparing for Mercury Retrograde
    • How Mercury Retrograde will affect your astrological sign 
    • How we are connected to the cosmic world 
    • Understanding astrological weather patterns 

    There are three Mercury retrogrades in 2023:

    • April 21, 2023, in Taurus
    • August 23, 2023, in Virgo
    • December 13, 2023, in Capricorn and Sagittarius


    Additional Information

    Some believe there were four because the first Mercury Retrograde started on December 28th, 2022, and ended on January 18, 2023.
    As you will learn from Leslie within this video, Mercury Retrograde has a very different effect on everyone, depending on your astrological sign. Within this video, Leslie will also discuss the importance of learning if you are born during a Mercury Retrograde. The effects of someone born during a Mercury Retrograde are very different than someone not born during a Mercury Retrograde. Her explanations are fascinating.
    Within this video and Leslie’s book The Power of Mercury: Understanding Mercury Retrograde and Unlocking the Astrological Secrets of Communication. Leslie explains how Mercury Retrograde affects each astrological sign and combination in regard to relationships and communication. During the Mercury Retrodage of April 21st to May 14th, it falls in the sign of Taurus. When it references a particular astrological sun sign, this means that that person born in Taurus will have a more challenging time with Mercury Retrograde. Throughout the video, Leslie explains the dos and don’ts of what a person should participate in and not participate in due to Mercury in Retrograde. She also explains the overlapping of other planetary retrogrades that can be happening simultaneously, thus causing complete chaos.
    Leslie also is a huge environmentalist and went into great detail about the changes we are having globally with the weather starting back at the beginning of COVID-19.

    We hope you enjoy this video and check out Leslie’s numerous books on The GNL Bookstore.


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