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Meditation and Poetry


Pranjulaa Singh will show you how meditation is a very powerful and effective tool to use for self expression through poetry. This workshop will begin with a meditation followed by the opportunity for you to write an original poem.



    What will you learn: 

    • Mindfulness
    • Poetry writing 
    • Self expression.

    Cost: $9.99

    Embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and self-expression through the power of meditation and poetry!

    This video featuring the amazing Pranjulaa Singh, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to tap into your creative potential and unlock your inner poet. It is designed to put you in the right mindset for creative expression, allowing you to access your deepest thoughts and emotions. So come on this adventure with us and unlock the transformative power of mindfulness.


    You will be amazed at the ideas that flow from you with a clear and calm mind!

    The incredible benefits of mindfulness are beyond just finding inner peace. You can even use it as a powerful tool to manage stress and anxiety and unleash your ingenuity. From savoring your morning cup of coffee to tackling a challenging work project, you will be able to be fully present and engaged in each moment.

    Buy your video now and get ready to experience a new level of awareness and clarity with Pranjulaa. It’ll be a journey you won’t regret!

    Poetry Writing 

    Let’s dive into the wonderful world of poetry writing – whether you are an experienced poet or just a starter, there is no denying the joy and satisfaction of crafting a beautiful verse. 

    Pranjulaa will assist you to be fully present at the moment, without judgment or distraction, letting your words be a reflection of your inner self and a mirror of your unique perspective.

    Self Expression

    Self-expression isn’t just about creating beautiful art pieces but also about embracing everything that makes you distinctive. The video is produced to help you explore your potential in a supportive environment and find your rhythm in words through meditation to create poetry that moves you!

    Singh will be guiding you about the engaging activities that will exemplify your innermost ideas, sentiments, desires, and passions.


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