m-The “I AM” Mantra Deck


Do you lose track of your goals, desires or intentions when life gets busy? Worry not because this mini mantra deck will help you stay focused.

Made of recycled t-shirts, these vibrant cards are simple, powerful and fluff free. The colorful art will grab your attention. And the powerful mantras will help you stay tapped in, in the busiest of moments.

You have 30 unique ‘I AM’ mantras to pick from. Pick one that speaks to you. Write your goal or intention on the backside. Keep it in your journal, tape it on the bathroom mirror, stash it in your wallet, hang it in your car – you get the idea. Read it throughout the day, and feel the desire/goal in your heart like it’s already done.

You can also use these cards as a bookmark, gift tags, or write a positive message & pass it forward! It’s a great addition to your self-love practice. And if you’re a coach or healer, it’s a perfect gift for your clients.





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