m-Powerful Alter Cloth


Staying playful and creative is a must for our wellbeing. And a dedicated space to do so helps. What if you’re traveling or don’t have a dedicated zone at home yet?

Not a problem. With this vibrant altar cloth, you can transform any space (think dining table/kitchen counter/work desk/hotel room) into a creative zone.

It’s colorful pattern will nudge you to block some time for creativity. And this 20″x30″ organic cotton cloth is big enough to spread your supplies like journal/sketchbook/sowing kit/puzzle/ipad, light a candle & keep your mug.

Choose from:

The “Yellow Mandala”. Affirmation to speak: “I am a creative being. Creativity is my essence.””


The vibrant cloth titled “Sun Mandala”. Affirmation to speak: “I make time to create and play.”



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Yellow Mandala, Sun Mandala


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