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How To Write and Publish A Book


Join us for this interesting workshop with author, Faith Wells, as she describes her journey of writing and publishing her first book. As with anything, the first is always the hardest. Faith will discuss how to brainstorm your ideas and streamline into a writing schedule. She will discuss the process of self publishing vs traditional publishing, as well as how to “keep the faith” to complete your first book.



    What you will learn: 

    • How to choose your topic 
    • How to plan a writing schedule 
    • How to decide between self publishing vs. traditional publishing

    Ready to present your first book ever to the world? Unleash Your Inner Author! 

    Welcome to GNL’s ‘How To Write and Publish A Book’ on-demand video, where we will assist you to turn your daydream of becoming a published writer into a reality. Led by Faith Wells, a well-known author with a wealth of expertise in the publishing industry, this video will introduce you to all the tools and knowledge you require to write and publicize your 1st book.

    How to Choose Your Topic?

    The first phase of writing a book is selecting a topic that echoes with you and your audience. In this video, Faith will direct you through the procedure of choosing a topic that resonates well with your interests, expertise, and reader. Through realistic exercises and case studies, you will discover how to analyze your topic, identify loopholes in the market, and draft a captivating storyline that grabs the reader’s attention. 

    How to Plan a Writing Schedule? 

    The next step is to make a writing plan that works best for you. Writing a book can be an overwhelming errand, but with the correct strategy and perspective, you can accomplish your goal. Faith will communicate her tried-&-tested practices for making a writing schedule that suits your lifestyle and helps you make continuous progress on your book. She will also guide you about how to crush writer’s block, remain motivated, and track your progress. 

    How to Decide Between Self Publishing Vs. Traditional Publishing?

    The publishing industry has grown extensively in recent years. There are now more and more opportunities than ever for writers to get their work publicized. 

    Faith Wells will give a summation of the pros & cons of both self-publishing and traditional publishing methods. You will be encountered with multiple publishing choices available out there, the behind-the-scenes expenses, the advantages of each method, and how to determine which opportunity is best for you. 

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