Grilled Chicken Summer Salad


Chef Jaz has the perfect grilled chicken summer salad. With avocado, strawberries and blueberries it is a light summer meal that can be dressed up for any event or served as a side for picnics and BBQs. This recipe is healthy and delicious, it’s also low carb, keto diet friendly and easy to prepare.

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    What you will learn: 

    • Salad preparation
    • How to prep and cook chicken.

    Are you looking for a light, refreshing, and healthy summer meal that will leave your taste buds pleased?

    GNL is going to reveal Chef Jaz’s world-famous Grilled Chicken Summer Salad Recipe – A Delectable Way To Welcome Summer! 

    Loaded with flavor and nutrition, this recipe is perfect for those hot summer days and is easily adapted to serve any event or occasion. Whether you’re going for a picnic, planning a BBQ in your backyard, or just hosting a family dinner, this salad is sure to be the ultimate hit! 

    Salad Preparation 

    Before you can start assembling the salad, it is necessary to prepare all of the ingredients. Chef Jazz will guide you on how to wash and cut all the ingredients, along with teaching you how to clean and chop the lettuce, dice the avocado, and slice the strawberries and blueberries. Besides, she will give you her secret recipe for the amazing salad dressing that brings out all those flavors on the table. 

    Grilled Chicken Summer Salad Recipes

    The star of the show is the perfectly grilled juicy & flavourful chicken breast!

    Chef Jaz will share her tried & tested tips for marinating the chicken and grilling it to the ultimate perfection. You will also get to know how to make various salad options with unique protein types, like grilled shrimp or tofu, for a vegetarian version of the salad. 

    How to Prep and Cook Chicken?

    Grilling the chicken for salad can be intimidating, but our expert Chef will show you how to do it like a pro! 

    Learn how to season every element of the salad and add a flow of bursting flavors. Wait! There is more! You’ll be learning about the ideal and optimum temperature to cook your protein & lots of other opportunities to learn about other healthy food combos. 

    Be a pro salad maker of your home!


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