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Gourmet Candy Workshop


Kim Battles, owner of Kandy Apples by K in Raleigh, NC, will delight your sweet tooth in this workshop. Come learn all the tips and tricks of making the perfect caramel apple as well as the multiple toppings that can be used to decorate them. Then Kim will also teach us the art of making chocolate covered marshmallows and the many topping options.

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    What you will learn:

    • How to make gourmet caramel apples.
    • How to make chocolate covered marshmallow 
    • How to add decoration and toppings to both.

    Take your confectionary-making talents to the next level with GNL Gourmet Candy Video – an extraordinary video that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth! 

    Join us as we go deep into the flavorful world of gourmet caramel apples & chocolate-covered marshmallows. Led by the talented Kim Battles, owner of Kandly Apples by K in Raleigh, NC – this video will reveal all the hidden secrets of making irresistible treats that are as gorgeous as they are delicious! 

    How to Make Gourmet Caramel Apples?

    In this section of the video, Kim Battles will share her expert knowledge in creating the best gourmet caramel apple. With her assistance, you will memorize several techniques and tips that will uplift your caramel apple creations to whole new heights.

    Some key highlights of the video include: 

    • Know how to pick apples that are crisp, juicy, and best for caramel coating 
    • Master the art of forming rich & creamy caramel from scratch
    • Learn the proper dipping and coating techniques
    • Experiment with tantalizing toppings like crushed nuts, drizzled chocolate, sprinkles, & much more! 

    How to Make Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows?

    Get ready to engage yourself in the world of rich chocolate-covered marshmallows. Kim will direct you closely through each step to make heavenly delights that mix the irresistible combo of fluffy marshmallows and velvety chocolate.  

    Here’s what you will learn:

    • Tempering Chocolate 
    • Dipping Techniques 

    How to Add Decoration and Toppings to Both?

    Once you have conquered the skill of making gourmet caramel apples and chocolate-covered marshmallows, it is time to take your dessert to the next level. You will learn to best use eye-catching decorations and tempting toppings. 

    In this segment, Kim will share her expert wisdom on the following as well. 

    • Artistic Presentation
    • Topping Options
    • Packaging & Gift Ideas

    Don’t miss the chance to learn from the best & indulge in the true magic of gourmet candy-making! 

    Join us on this sweet venture by purchasing this ultimate GNL video tutorial now!


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