Get a Face-LIFT


Join Nga El, a certified medicinal aromatherapist and yoga instructor, for this at-home face lift!



    Introducing the ultimate solution to get a young and radiant appearance with the Face Lift video Session of GNL! 


    This video features Nga El, a holistic esthetician and fitness trainer who brings her expertise and experience to GNL with a special program that fuses elements like lymphatic drainage, energy, and visualization techniques.


    What is a Face Lift? 

    A facelift is a cosmetic method that helps tighten and lift the facial skin to give you a more youthful impression. This Face Lift video offers a natural alternative to this surgical method.


    How Does a Face Lift Work?

    Conventionally speaking, a facelift procedure (also known as rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure to diminish the signs of facial aging. The goal is to create smoother and firmer facial skin that doesn’t reveal your age.

    During this process, incisions are made near the ear and hairline to easily access the underlying tissue and exclude unwanted skin or fat. Once the excesses are removed, the skin is carefully stretched and stitched back in place. The results are dramatic, though, but always with some hidden risks! 


    How to Naturally Lift Your Face?

    While conventional facelifts include surgical aspects, GNL Face-Lift video offers a non-surgical approach that employs natural and holistic methods to turn back your facial clock. No expensive creams or fillers! 

    This 100% natural way of rejuvenating skin will have you glowing like never before! 

    What Does a Face Lift Do?

    Take a look at what benefits this facelift method holds for you! 

    • Stimulates blood flow
    • Tightens the sagging skin
    • Reduces puffiness 
    • Fades the visibility of fine lines & wrinkles 
    • Enhances skin tone 
    • Contours the face shape
    • Defines jawline
    • Improves facial muscle tone 
    • Develops a positive mindset & boosts self-confidence

    With Nga El’s one-on-one guidance and proven techniques, get ready to reveal your most confident & beautiful self – ALL NATURALLY!


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