Crochet for Beginners


Colleen Downey will lead you in a crochet for beginners workshop. You will start with learning how to make a simple granny square. This technique is one of the foundations of crochet.

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    What you will learn:

    • Basic square
    • How to hold the yarn and the hook.

    Crochet is a skill that makes you warm as well as creative! 

    The ‘Crochet for Beginners’ on-demand video is led by Colleen Downey, where you will learn the art of crochet from the very basics, starting with the simple granny square technique – one of the fundamentals of the crochet process. This craft video is for everyone, whether they are new to the world of crochet or just want to brush up on their skills. 

    With Collen’s expert guidance, you’ll be expertly making beautiful crochet pieces in no time! 

    Learn To Make The Basic Square

    Stitch by Stitch: Master The Art of Crochet with us! 

    Colleen will explain to you in detail how to make a simple & basic granny square – a versatile and classic crochet pattern used to make a variety of items, such as scarves, sweaters, blankets, and so much more. Also, learn how to work in rows and rounds, as well as blend multiple colors inside a pattern to create stunning formats. 

    Learn How To Hold The Yarn and The Hook

    Hook on Crochet – Learn The Basics Here! 

    Understanding how to hold your yarn and crochet hook correctly is an essential part of crochet. Collen will explain tips and tricks, making it easier for you to create beautiful crochet pieces. You’ll learn the following in depth. 

    • Learn the proper techniques for holding your yarn & crochet hook
    • Practice holding your yarn & hook to create a comfy and potent grip
    • Get expert tried & tested tips on how to avoid common mistakes 
    • Quick hacks to improve your overall crocheting skills

    GNL’s Crochet for Beginners video is for anyone who wants to explore and learn something new. Do not miss out on this amazingly exciting opportunity to grasp a new skill and meet new people with the same interests. 

    Crochet Your Way To Happiness!


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