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Diana Ayala, owner of Dayala Treats, will show you how to make watermelon and pineapple-shaped summer cakesicles, and some tips and tricks for success!

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    What you will learn: 

    • Learn how to make cakesicles.
    • How to make the process easier.
    • Tips and tricks for successful cakesicles.

    Buy GNL’s Cakesicles on-demand video and learn to make these cute summer delights. Diana Ayala, the owner of Dayala Treats, will be leading the way. She’ll share her watermelon and pineapple-shaped cakesicles recipe along with secret tricks to get the perfect bundle of those beauties every time. Plus, with her masterful guidance and simple-to-follow steps, you can create your own versions of these yummy cakesicles right away.

    Celebrate this summer with some fun addition to your casual cooking rituals – The Cakesicles! 

    In this video, you are precisely going to learn the following things!

    • Making the cakesicles (from scratch!) 
    • Molding them to get your desired shapes 
    • How to keep chocolate at the optimal temperature
    • Cakesicles decoration & plate presentation 

    Learn How to Make Cakesicles

    Diana will share her insider recipe and hacks that she employs in her own kitchen. From cake mixture and flavors incorporation to the final embellishment of your creation – the GNL Cakesicles Making video will give you a one-of-a-kind experience. 

    In this hands-on experience, you’ll learn all – from ingredients to yield! 

    How to Make the Process Easier?

    At first, making cakesicles can be a tricky task, but our expert assistance will get you through all the hurdles. She will demonstrate how you can use the right tools and techniques to get the desired outcomes as well as make the whole process seamless and enjoyable. Simply follow her steps and witness the outstanding results yourself! 

    Tips and Tricks for Successful Cakesicles

    Diana has been in the field for years now. She has come a long way, and this has helped her to gain some extensive knowledge about the art of baking. With her tried & tested tips, you can elevate your cakesicles game and take it to the next level with your own personal touch! Also, she’ll explain how you can avoid kitchen malfunctioning and troubleshoot baking problems if they arise.  

    Don’t think any longer – buy now to make scrumptious summer delights that are sure to impress everyone at the dining table!


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