Build a Crystal Grid for Manifesting Goals




    What you will learn: 

    • Learn what a crystal grid is.
    • How to use a crystal grid.
    • Learn which crystals are best for your energy.

    Cost: $9.99

    All set to manifest your most profound desires? Purchase the Build a Crystal Grid video for Manifesting Goals.

    In this video, our crystal energy expert Ava Adames of Violets in Bloom will lead you through making your own private crystal grid. Whether it is about money, relationships, or health – whatever you want to manifest in your life – this GNL video prepares you to achieve your goals! 

    Let yourself be more creative, open & inspired as you venture on this astonishing ‘crystal-charged’ journey! 

    Key Takeaways of This Video!

    Employing a special mix of obsolete wisdom and contemporary science, this expert-led video will coach you on leveraging the force of crystals for manifestation. You will get practical direction and techniques that anyone can use, even if you’re unfamiliar with working with crystals. This video is best for all wisdom levels.

    Adames will be telling you about: 

    • The fundamentals of crystal grids
    • Choosing the right crystal for your goals 
    • Special placement techniques for maximum results 
    • Activating the energy of your crystal grid 

    What is a Crystal Grid?

    Briefly speaking, a crystal grid is a potent implementation that utilizes the energy of crystals to make a sacred space for manifestation. It is about making a pattern of multiple types of crystals that operate together to intensify and pinpoint all the energy toward a particular goal. Each crystal in the grid has a specific vibration that improves your inner purposes and brings them to fruition. 

    How to Use a Crystal Grid? 

    Power Up Yourself with Crystals! 

    Adams will be revealing all her secrets behind a strong grid. Besides, her professional assistance will make you a pro for aligning your grid according to a particular aim. She is going to take you deeper into the actual manifestation world! 

    Learn which Crystals are best for your Energy!

    Discover which stones work great and which are the best, particularly for you and your desires. Learn how to appropriately include these grids in our daily life to elevate productivity, exclude hindrances, and reach success quicker than ever.

    Come & Join us on this experience! Click here to purchase this video. 

    (We promise it’ll be worth it!).


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