Astrological Love & Romance Workshop


Millennial Astrologist Olivia Hope Talbott will explain how astrology and star-crossed love is a re-think of the traditional side of love and how you can use astrology to learn to speak and how to understand your partner’s love language. She will talk about the relationship between the planets and your astrology houses to love, romance, marriage, and intimacy.
If you need your love life to be better, consider your love language, the primary way you express and understand affection will be taught throughout this workshop.



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What you will learn: 
  • How planets (Venus, Mars, Moon, Mercury & more) rule love, romance and connection
  • The Astrological houses that rule courtship, romance, marriage, sex, intimacy, & more
  • Understanding synastry charts (how the chart of you and your partner relate to one another) and composite charts (the chart of couple collectively)

Cost: $9.99


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