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21 Days To Manifesting The Love You Deserve


Do you feel ready to attract love into your life? Using the power of your mind can help you to draw in your perfect partner. Join this 21- day challenge introducing you to the tools you will need to manifest love. In this three-part series, you will be guided on a manifesting adventure to address all of the things that could be holding you back from receiving love. After 21 days you will have a new and recharged energy that will manifest and draw love into your life.



    What you will learn with GNL:

    • How to manifest love
    • How to be clear & concise about the love you truly want 
    • How to let go of your limiting beliefs
    • How to manifest love from a specific person
    • How to manifest someone to love you
    • How to manifest love with a specific person
    • How to manifest someone to fall in love with you

    What Is Manifest Love, And How To Get Manifest Love From A Specific Person?

    What is the manifestation of love? Manifestation is the law of attracting what you desire. If love is what you want, but the positive energy you exude into the universe ultimately attracts that specific person that fulfills the love you seek.

    The law of attraction is a law of the universe and is always in action. We may not always realize it, but we are always manifesting on a subconscious level. In the laws of attraction, we attract like-minded energy. In your life, you will always attract whatever you focus your energy upon. Whether in a conscious or subconscious intention. This law holds very accurate in love and romantic relationships. When manifesting the love you want to experience, you need to believe in that experience and that you are already living and feeling that experience. Thus, you are feeling the energy you want to experience; that is the key to manifesting. The universe is always aware of your intentions, even if you are not. It is essential to pay attention to your energy levels. If your energy levels are low, you will attract a negative outcome. When your energy level is in high vibe, the universe will send you a positive outcome of your desires.

    Current Manifesting Trends:

    • Manifest-Love From A Specific Person
    • How To Manifest For Someone To Text You
    • How Do You Manifest Someone To Love You
    • Manifest Someone To Call You
    • How To Manifest Someone To Want You
    • Manifest Someone To Like You

    Tips & Tricks for Manifesting

    A manifestation journal is essential to manifesting a specific person you want to connect with. You will need to explain in detail why you want to be with this person and why it is important to you to be with this person. The “Why” is essential because this will dictate a positive or negative outcome.

    If the reason for any attraction to this person is loneliness or jealousy, understand that that is negative energy; thus, you will only receive a negative outcome.
    If you want to attract this person into your life for joy & happiness, then you will attract a positive outcome. You are leading to a loving relationship if that is what you seek or friendship based on your positive intentions.

    On average, we have over 60,000 thoughts per day. Let’s try to keep them positive so we only attract positive energy.

    Within this video, 21 Days To Manifesting The Love You Deserve with TLC’s Christina Manning, she will teach you how to manifest the love you desire.

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