Meet the Workshop Leaders (Video)

Our Leading Ladies!

All of the amazing women below have hosted or will soon be hosting free online workshops for women at Girls Nite In Online! Check them out below to see how you can keep in touch and show your support.












Julia Spillane

Julia is a certified fitness instructor in Philadelphia specializing in Barre and an all around wellness woman.

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Jennie Claire

Jennie is owner of Rooted Yoga and Wellness and is certified to teach yoga, mindfulness, and much more!

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Cynthia Jih

Cynthia is a HIIT expert, certified personal trainer, and future occupational therapist! She’s currently pursuing her doctorate.

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Leah Macdonald

Leah is one half of WaxWorksPhoto! Leah and Susan Beard come together to make beautiful encaustic photography.

WWP Venmo: @susanbearddesign
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Ashleigh Whitfield

Ashleigh has been studying yoga since ‘07 & has been an instructor for the last 8 years. She is trained in Vinyasa yoga, Anusara Yoga, & more.

Venmo: @Ashleigh-Whitfield
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Kelly Adorno

Kelly is the owner of Movement Source Pilates Studio in South Philadelphia and loves moving, sweating, learning and laughing with her clients. 

Kelly’s Venmo: @KellyAdo
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Leslie McGuirk


Leslie McGuirk

Leslie is an internationally acclaimed designer, illustrator, children’s book author, astrologer, and corporate speaker on the topic of creative thinking, and how to unlock human potential.

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Tara Swennen

Tara Swennen is a bold presence on Hollywood’s fashion scene, named one of The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 Most Powerful Stylists four years in a row, she is a Los Angeles-based fashion stylist to the stars. Check out her looks on Instagram!




Kaitlin Deker- Decker Ate a Cookie.jpg


Kaitlin Decker

Kaitlin is a cookie decorating extraordinaire and the proud owner of Decker Ate A Cookie! Check out Kaitlin’s cookie recipe here!

Kaitlin’s Venmo: @Kaitlin-Decker
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Instagram: decker.ate.a.cookie






Lauren Harris

Lauren has the answers to all of our questions about wine. She is the Wine Director at Tria in Philadelphia.

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Máiréad O’Driscoll

Máiréad is a talented chef and co-owner of Ocean Wild Restaurant in County Cork, Ireland. Check out the scones recipe here!

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Susan Beard

Susan is one half of WaxWorksPhoto along with Leah Macdonald! Susan is also the founder of SB Design Co, a versatile visual arts studio.

WWP Venmo: @susanbearddesign
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Gina Benson


Gina Benson

Gina is a E-RYT 500, Ayurveda Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, and Birth Doula. Follow Gina’s journey on Instagram.

Gina’s Venmo: @ginabenson
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Lauren Cohen


Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen, MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in lifestyle, pediatric, gastrointestinal and family nutrition.  

Lauren’s Venmo: @laurenbethcohen
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Kristen McBride


Kristen McBride

Kristen is a Philadelphia based yoga instructor and has been teaching regularly since 2012. She describes her style as “free flow & funky” and she loves teaching first-time students & those in advanced practice equally.

Kristen’s Venmo: @Kristen-McBride-3
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Macey Miller


Macey Miller

Macey has 200-hour yoga teacher certification & teaches yoga in Raleigh, NC. She truly believes in the power of yoga to connect people and that the lessons one learns on the mat are the lessons that one needs to take out into the world.

Macey’s Venmo: @Macey-Miller-1
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Gabby Drucker

Gabby is the owner of Drucker Fitness where she trains clients of all ages and abilities to “Get Drucked Up!”

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Rachel Robinson

Rachel is a certified fitness instructor from Philadelphia who loves fun, high energy workout classes!

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MaryBeth Beck

Pilates anyone? MaryBeth is the owner of Pilates and More in Ocean City, MD.
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Wendy Ellin

Wendy Ellin is a Workplace Productivity Consultant, International Speaker, & Author of Enough Is Enough, Get Control of Your Stuff.

Wendy’s Venmo: @wendy-ellin
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Marta Pozzan

Marta Pozzan is an Italian actress, model and creator living in Los Angeles, California. She is also an active mental health advocate and storyteller.

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Isha Casagrande

Meet Isha, the creative mind behind Isha Inspired. Isha’s passion is teaching happiness through fashion, fitness, food, and faith.

Isha’s Venmo: @Isha-Casagrande
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Karen Tomasello

Karen has owned multiple restaurants over the last 35 years in partnership with her husband, Chef Pino. She’s always loved pairing wines with food and hosting wine tasting events. Tips support former restaurant employees.

Karen’s Venmo: @Karen-Tomasello
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Sabra Ricci

Known as “chef to the celebrities,” for over twenty-five years, Maui and Los Angles based Executive Private Chef Sabra Ricci is renowned for her healthy, delectable menus and unparalleled service. Sabra’s Recipes:
Sabra’s Baked Ziti Recipe, Sabra’s Marinara Recipe, Sabra’s Fresh Pesto Recipe.

Sabra’s Venmo: @Sabra-Ricci
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Linda Barlaam

Linda is a professional organizer with House 2 Home Organizing. Are you ready to get organized? Check out the amazing tips on Linda’s website.

Linda’s Venmo: @linda-barlaam
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Sary Pfister

Sary is your go to girl for all questions on healthy hair at home and color maintenance.

Sary’s Venmo: @sary-pfister
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@saryglam & @sary_gram






Lateefah Curtis

Cheers! Lateefah is the resident bartender at Philadelphia’s famous Vernick Food & Drink.

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Gina Pawlik

Gina is the owner and instructor at Positivity Yogis in Havertown, PA. Gina is all about spreading positive vibes! Follow her studio on Facebook!

Gina’s Venmo: @Gina-Pawlik
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Lindsay Lombardi

Lindasy is a NASM CPT, Group X instructor, and Functional Nutrition Coach. Follow Lindsay on Instagram!

Lindsay’s Venmo: @Lindsay-Lombardi
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Alice Beckett-Rumberger

Alice is a Physical Therapist with 30+ years of experience, and owner of TheraFusion, a healthcare & wellness company with a focus on PT.

Venmo: @alicebeckettrumberger
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Jeni Paradiso Shimmy Well.jpg


Jeni Paradiso

Jeni is the owner and founder of Shimmy Well in Philadelphia. A lifelong lover of dance whose study of belly dance began at the age of seven. Jeni also loves entertaining audiences with her belly dance troupe, The Shimmies,

Jeni’s Venmo: @shimmywell
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