LegalShield’s “Ladies of Justice”

LegalShield’s “Ladies of Justice”

Ladies of Justice

Fran Harwell, is an Ambassador for Legal Shield, a brand of PPLSI (Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.) and Ladies of Justice, dedicated to creating a world where everyone can access and afford legal protection.  Expected and unexpected legal matters arise every day, and with LegalShield on your side, you’ll have direct access to a dedicated law firm 24/7 for covered emergencies. 

LegalShield is innovating and disrupting the traditional legal system; a system that is expensive, complicated and time consuming. Through technology and a provider law firm network, legal access is now simple, easy and affordable.

From court representation for a speeding ticket, to real estate matters, to family legal matters such as adoption and name changes, to estate planning needs such as Will preparation and beyond, we’re here to help you with your personal legal matters – no matter how traumatic or trivial they may seem.

  • Advice & Consultation
  • Letters & Phone Calls
  • Document Review
  • Estate Planning
  • Speeding Ticket Assistance
  • 24/7 Emergency Access

You can discuss any of your legal needs with “Ladies of Justice”, where they empower a new generation of female entrepreneurs to build their own business. Contact Fran at her featured GNL Marketplace, “Ladies of Justice” page.


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