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From Stage to Screen!

Check out our celebrity guest stars!

Christine Barger

Christine Barger is an internationally awarded ventriloquist, actress & social media content creator. Her credits include iCarly, Days of Our Lives, Made of Honor, and more! Follow Christine on Instagram, TikTok, or at her website. Support Christine with a tip via PayPal:

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson, star of BET’s The Family Business, Ghostbusters and Grace and Frankie, held an interactive workshop where he fielded fan questions, discussed show business, his most famous roles, and his thoughts on current events. Check out Ernie’s workshop to learn more about one of Hollywood’s most sought after actors!

Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna, Tony-Award winner, Hollywood Walk of Fame star holder, & legendary actor joined GNI to discuss his life, career, & to offer advice for Hollywood hopefuls. He also shared his experiences raising a child with autism, and the life lessons he has learned along the way.

Mark Nadler

Mark Nadler is the recipient of eight awards from the Manhattan Association of Cabarets, three Backstage Bistros, two New York Nightlife Awards and two Broadway World Awards. He hosted an interactive singalong for GNI with some cabaret classics!

Rob Hyman

Rob Hyman is a singer-songwriter and a founding member of the band The Hooters, along with bandmate Eric Bazilian. Rob joined GNI to share the history of The Hooters, what it was like writing “Time After Time” with Cyndi Lauper, and how he has continued to write hits year after year.

The Fitness Leaders!

In alphabetical order by first name.

Aja Coryell

Aja Coryell is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist through the National Council of Strength and Fitness.

Aja’s Venmo: @Aja-Coryell Confirmation Code: 4056

Annette Shantur

Annette is a yoga instructor, birth doula, arts administrator, and musician. Annette has trained with the Baptiste Institute, and Lyons Den Power Yoga.

Venmo: @Annette-Shantur
Confirmation Code: 2319

Beth Downey

Beth has been teaching Pilates for 23 years. She founded Body Precision in 1995 as the premier Pilates studio on the Main Line of Philadelphia.

Venmo: @Beth-Downey-2
Confirmation Code: 7445

Gabby Drucker

Gabby is the owner of Drucker Fitness where she trains clients of all ages and abilities to “Get Drucked Up!” Follow Gabby on Instagram.

Gabby’s Venmo: @Gabby-Drucker
Confirmation Code: 5997

Gina Pawlik

Gina is the owner and instructor at Positivity Yogis in Havertown, PA. Gina is all about spreading positive vibes!She teaches a variety of yoga and fitness classes and especially loves the hot classes! Follow her studio on Facebook!

Gina’s Venmo: @Gina-Pawlik
Confirmation Code: 0834

Jackie Mart

Jackie Mart is a holistic nutritionist, life coach, motivational speaker, certified fitness instructor and owner/operator of Optimum Wellness LLC.

Jackie’s Venmo: @Jackie-Mart Confirmation Code: 5883

Julia Spillane

Julia is a certified fitness instructor in Philadelphia specializing in Barre and an all around wellness woman. Follow Julia on Instagram.

Julia’s Venmo: @JuliaSpillz
Confirmation Code: 5371

Kristen McBride

Kristen is a Philadelphia based yoga instructor, she describes her style as “free flow & funky!” She offers all level instruction.

Kristen’s Venmo: @Kristen-McBride-3 Confirmation Code: 1887

Lynsey Wolf

Lynsey began practicing yoga over 12 years ago, fell in love, and became 200 hour certified in 2016. She is also certified in Baptiste style power yoga. She is 1/4 of the sister team that operates Four the Love of Yoga.

Venmo: @Lynsey-ciallella
Confirmation Code: 8611

Rachel Feldman

Rachel Feldman is an ACE certified personal trainer, a barre instructor, prenatal yoga instructor and pre-and post natal exercise specialist.

Venmo: @rachelfeldmanfitness Confirmation Code: 7330

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie “Boom Shock” Jones is an extreme motivator. An energetic and glass half full personal trainer and diabetes prevention lifestyle coach— she pushes her clients to do more than they’ve ever imagined.

Confirmation Code: 6836

Ali Redding

Ali has been teaching yoga for five years in the Philadelphia area. She loves the power yoga practice because you can work up a sweat and practice mindfulness at the same time.

Ali’s Venmo: @alison-redding Confirmation Code: 5695

Ashleigh Herndon

Ashleigh Herndon is a NYC-based group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and actor. She began her fitness journey as a professional dancer.

Ashleigh’s Venmo: @ashleighherndon Confirmation Code: 1775

Cheryl Brause

Cheryl is a leading mindfulness expert in New York are and the Co-Founder of Pause to be Present, Westchester’s premier meditation studio.

Cheryl’s Venmo: @pausetobe-presentConfirmation Code: 0150

Gabi Connor

Gabi is currently a first-year Master of Public Health student and a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Habit and Econsult Solutions.

Gabi’s Venmo: @Gabi-Connor
Confirmation Code: 0819

Haley Machir

Haley has completed her barre teacher training, 200 hour yoga teacher training, aerial yoga teacher training, and TRX Suspension training. Haley believes she is both a teacher and a lifelong student.

Haley’s Venmo: @Haley-Machir Confirmation Code: 8249

Jackilyn Rock

Jackilyn Rock is the owner and founder of Rock Fit Personal Training and Fitness. Jackilyn believes that fitness should be fun, and specializes in creative and exciting workouts that can be done anywhere. Personal & Group Fitness Trainer, Strength Coach, Nutrition Coach, Zumba & TRX Instructor

Venmo: @Jackilyn-Rock
Confirmation Code: 6519

Kamaye Alethia

Kamaye is a group fitness instructor based in New York City. Her favorite classes are athletic dance classes because she loves blending the two.

You can support Kamaye by tipping on her PayPal here!

Lacy Seim

Lacy is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. With a background in martial arts, Lacy’s style is unique. She combines martial arts movements with yoga and fitness principles.

Lacy’s Venmo: @Lacefit
Confirmation code: 1652

Macey Miller

Macey is a certified yoga instructor in NC. She believes in the power of yoga to connect and that the lessons one learns on the mat are the lessons that one needs to take out into the world.

Macey’s Venmo: @Macey-Miller-1 Confirmation Code: 6363

Rachel Robinson

Rachel is a certified fitness instructor from Philadelphia who loves fun, high energy workout classes! Follow Rachel on Instagram.

Rachel’s Venmo: @rachelbmr
Confirmation Code: 0836

Taylor Ciallella

Taylor is a yoga instructor and lover of yoga for over 13 years. She is 1/4 of the sister team that operates Four the Love of Yoga.

Taylor’s Venmo: @Taylor-Ciallella
Confirmation Code: 8638

Alice Beckett-Rumberger

Alice is a Physical Therapist with 30+ years of experience, and owner of TheraFusion, a healthcare & wellness company with a focus on PT.

Venmo: @alicebeckettrumberger
Confirmation Code: 5222

Ashleigh Whitfield

Ashleigh has been studying yoga since ‘07 & has been an instructor for the last 8 years. She is trained in Vinyasa yoga, Anusara Yoga, & more.

Venmo: @Ashleigh-Whitfield
Confirmation Code: 6148

Cynthia Jih

Cynthia is a HIIT expert, certified personal trainer, and future occupational therapist! She’s currently pursuing her doctorate. 

Cynthia’s Venmo: @Cynthia-Jih
Confirmation Code: 6280

Gail Lazarus

Gail Lazarus has trained with the creator of LaBlast and 3x World Ballroom Champion Louis van Amstel, and has taught LaBlast ever since.

Gail’s Venmo: @Gail-Lazarus Confirmation Code: 5181

Heather Thompson

Heather earned her Pilates teaching certification in 2000 and has been teaching ever since. Heather trained with one of the original elders and feels honored to have learned from such a great teacher.

Venmo: @Heather-Thompson-237 Confirmation code: 8145

Jeni Paradiso

Jeni is the owner and founder of Shimmy Well in Philadelphia. A lifelong lover of dance whose study of belly dance began at the age of seven. Jeni also teaches Yoga & Barre Sculpt.

Jeni’s Venmo: @shimmywell
Confirmation Code: 2434

Kelly Adorno

Kelly is the owner of Movement Source Pilates Studio in South Philadelphia and loves moving, sweating, learning and laughing with her clients. 

Kelly’s Venmo: @KellyAdo
Confirmation Code: 7879

Lauren Ciallella

Lauren is a New Jersey based meditation leader and certified yoga instructor. She is 1/4 of the sister team that operates Four the Love of Yoga.

Lauren’s Venmo: @Lauren-ciallella
Confirmation Code: 3858

MaryBeth Beck

Pilates anyone? MaryBeth is the owner of Pilates and More in Ocean City, MD.
Follow Pilates and More on Facebook!

Marybeth’s Venmo:
Confirmation Code: 2595

Skylar Marcoux

As a concierge human performance specialist with The Lab, Skylar has been working in the health and wellness industry for about 10 years.

Skyler’s Venmo: @Skylar-Marcoux
Confirmation Code: 6596

Andrea Clary

Andrea Clary is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, and mental health and wellness advocate.

Andrea’s Venmo: @missclary Confirmation Code: 0827

Ava Adames

Ava Adames is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Energy Facilitator who has been active in the health and wellness industry for nearly 20 years.

Ava’s Venmo: @Ava-Adames Confirmation Code: 2262 

Emily-Erin Roeber

Emily-Erin Roeber has been a fitness instructor for 6 years and a dance teacher for 10, and has witnessed first-hand the power of movement. Emily-

Erin’s Venmo: @Emily-Roeber Confirmation Code: 6268

Gina Benson

Gina is a E-RYT 500, Ayurveda Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, and Birth Doula. Follow Gina’s journey on Instagram.

Gina’s Venmo: @ginabenson
Confirmation Code: 7536

Inga Bentley

Ultra-marathoner, dog lover, and professed foodie, Inga Bentley is a tough combination of engineer-meets- yogi. She focuses on strengthening the breath, & helping students leave class feeling both grounded and refreshed.

Inga’s Venmo:@Inga-Bentlety Confirmation Code: 5715

Jennie Claire

Jennie is owner of Rooted Yoga and Wellness and is certified to teach yoga, mindfulness, and much more! Follow Jennie on Instagram.

Jennie’s Venmo: @rootedyogaandwellness

Kelly Vranesic

Kelly has been teaching a variety of fitness classes for over 10 years! She loves helping people achieve their fitness goals, and having some fun!

Venmo: @Kelly-StockdaleVranesic
Confirmation code: 6730

Lindsay Lombardi

Lindasy is a NASM CPT, Group X instructor, and Functional Nutrition Coach. Follow Lindsay on Instagram!

Lindsay’s Venmo: @Lindsay-Lombardi Confirmation Code: 8527

Meghan Morley

Meghan Morley is the Lead SHIFT Ignite Cycling Instructor and a WE/FIT Coach at City Fitness in Philadelphia, PA. Meghan is a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Maddog Athletics Spinning instructor.

Meghan’s Venmo: Meghan-Morley1
Confirmation code: 6633

Sonia Taylor

Sonia is the founder of Fit N Flirty Dance Studio. Dance is her passion, she’s been teaching it, along with cheer, for the past 25 years!

Sonia’s Venmo: @fitnflirty
Confirmation Code: 9586


The Workshop Leaders!

In alphabetical order by first name.

Adele Saccareli-Cavallaro

Adele is an author, speaker, teacher, coach, radio host, and founder of TeamWork Wins and Adele and Michael.

Venmo: @Adele-Saccareli-Cavallaro Confirmation Code: 2351

Amber Santor

Amber Santor is a full-time bartender at Japanese cuisine restaurant and lounge, OC Wasabi in Ocean City, MD.

Amber’s Venmo: @Amber-Santor-1
Confirmation Code: 5646


Brinina is a high school sophomore who enjoys running cross-country, playing soccer, and basketball. She also likes to draw and paint, and is a part of her school’s musicals. Brinina’s Oragami workshop was a fundraiser for Bloom India.

Christine Barger

Christine Barger is an internationally awarded ventriloquist, actress & social media content creator. Her credits include iCarly, Days of Our Lives, Made of Honor, and more!

Christine’s Venmo: @Christine-Barger-7
Confirmation Code: 3159

Deonna Wolf

Deonna Wolf is a former professional cheerleader and current fitness advocate. She spent four years on the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleading Squad. Check out Deonna’s exercises on Instagram.

Deonna’s Venmo: @deonnawolf
Confirmation Code: 4733


Grace is a middle schooler who loves soccer, acting, and her church group. Grace is passionate about doing good in the world and has dreams to become a FBI Agent when she grows up. Grace’s workshop on Garage Band 101 was a fundraiser for the St. James Emergency Food Fund.

Janet Gallagher

Janet Gallagher is a Sapphire national executive and manages a team of 7,800 with Color Street Nails. Janet has been self-employed for 15 years, and previously worked as an engineer.

Janet’s Venmo: @janetgallagher Confirmation Code: 3414

Jennifer King

Jennifer King is currently an Offensive Assistant with the Washington Redskins, where she works with running backs and assisting with offensive quality control. 

Jennifer’s Venmo: @JenniferKing5
Confirmation Code: 8370

Julia Birnbaum

Julia Birnbaum is a cheesemonger who has worked in cheese education, marketing, social media and currently, fills in as head buyer and manager of one of the largest cheese counters on the East Coast. She is also the owner of the Philly Cheese School.

Julia’s Venmo: @Julia_Birnbaum
Confirmation Code: 1007

Kati “Jazz” Gray-Sadler

Kati “Jazz” Gray-Sadler founded Fifty Shades Against Bullying, or FSP Against Bullying, to help support individuals struggling with bullying. Tips support FSP Against Bullying.

Jazz’s Venmo: @Kati-Gray-Sadlar Confirmation Code: 9341

Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen, MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in lifestyle, pediatric, gastrointestinal and family nutrition.

Lauren’s Venmo: @laurenbethcohen
Confirmation Code: 4400

Linda Barlaam

Linda is a professional organizer with House 2 Home Organizing. Are you ready to get organized? Check out the amazing tips on Linda’s website.

Lori “Lo” Locust

A sought-after coach and speaker, Lori Locust joined the Buccaneers in 2019 and became the first woman position-specific coach in NFL history working as their Assistant Defensive Line Coach. Lori’s class raised funds for PA Center for Adaptive Sports.

Marci O’Brien

Marci is a retired art teacher who taught Elementary Art for 36 years. She is great with crafts & activities for kids!

Marci’s Venmo: @Marci-OBrien-1  
Confirmation Code: 4330

Michele Alwine

Michele Alwine is a wine professional with over twenty years of experience. She has worked as a distributor of fine wine to some of the best restaurants in cities around the country.

Michele’s Venmo: @Michele-Alwine
Confirmation Code: 7319

Nga El

Nga is a certified medicinal aromatherapist and yoga instructor of the healing arts.

Nga’s Venmo: @Nga-El
Confirmation Code: 7948

Saleema Curtis

Saleema is the owner of a holistic health coaching practice. Saleema has worked in the health and wellness industry with various institutions for over 25 years.

Support Saleema via PayPal here!


Sedona is a sixth-grader who loves making crafts for her friends and family. She hosted an amazing friendship bracelet workshop for GNI.

Tammi Leader Fuller

Tammi Leader Fuller is the Founder of Campowerment, a life-altering, expert-led, sleep-away camp inspired retreat, designed to help women live life bigger and better.

Tammi’s Venmo: @Tammi-Fuller Confirmation Code: 2994

Tova Du Plessis

Tova du Plessis is a South African-born baker who opened her Jewish bakery, Essen Bakery, in South Philadelphia in 2016. Since then, Essen Bakery has grown to include a babkamobile and delivery options. 

Tova’s Venmo: @essenbakery
Confirmation Code: 0101

Aleathia Brown

Aleathia Brown is a celebrated artist listed with The National Museum of Women in the Arts Archives. Aleathia continues to mark her place in history

Aleathia’s PayPal:

Andrea Rivera

Andrea Rivera is currently a Sous Chef at Philly’s own Rex 1516. When she’s not cooking, she enjoys hiking with her pup!

Andrea’s venmo: @derpaderp Confirmation code: 1821

Brittany Cole

Brittany Cole is the founder of Career Thrivers and also serves as a mentor with Pathway Women’s Business Center, Marketing Director for Nashville’s National Sales Network and speaker coach for TEDxNashville.

Brittany’s Venmo: @careerthrivers Confirmation code: 0502

Christine Wansleben

Christine is the Owner and Culinary Director of Mise En Place, in Richmond, Virginia. Mise En Place has been recognized, both on-screen and in-print, as one of the top culinary centers in Richmond, offering creative cooking classes, private events, and unique culinary team experiences. 

Mise En Place PayPal

Domonique Townsend

With over a decade of experience as a Professional Engineer, Domonique’s extensive background in leadership and management has led companies to excel in meeting strategic goals. Check out Domonique’s business.

Domonique’s Venmo: @hidomonique
Confirmation Code: 7988

Holly Tenagila

Holly C. Tenaglia is a K-8 art teacher at Cardinal John Foley Regional Catholic School in Havertown, PA and a practicing fine artist under the name Holly Colaguori.

Holly’s Venmo: @Holly-Colaguori
Confirmation Code: 8283

Dr. Jen Welter

Dr. Jen Welter was the first female NFL coach. She worked as a defensive coach for the Arizona Cardinals. She has also written a number of books and hosts a football camp for young girls.

Dr. Welter’s Venmo: @welter47
Confirmation Code: 4917

Jennifer Maurer

Jen is a hair stylist of almost 20 years. She is currently the manager and head stylist at Edward’s Hairstyling where she been since 2007.

Jen’s Venmo: @Jennifer-Maurer-13
Confirmation Code: 1963

Kaitlin Decker

Kaitlin is a cookie decorating extraordinaire and the proud owner of Decker Ate A Cookie! Check out Kaitlin’s cookie recipe here!

Kaitlin’s Venmo: @Kaitlin-Decker
Confirmation Code: 3691

Kimberly Sevilla

Kimberly is the founder of Rose Red & Lavender in New York. She aims to empower people to embrace natural gardening. Check out her website for flower & gardening inspo!

Kimberly’s Venmo: @Kimberly-Sevilla Confirmation Code: 5000

Lauren Harris

Lauren has the answers to all of our questions about wine. She is the Wine Director at Tria in Philadelphia. Her concentration is in French wines.

Lauren’s Venmo: @LHStorrie
Confirmation Code: 0674

Linda & Cynthia Barragán

Linda & Cynthia are two sisters spreading Mexican culture through their culinary experience from our cafe, Casita Linda, in Ocean City, Maryland.

Their Venmo: @cynthia-barragan-10
Confirmation Code: 0554

Lynn Darmon

Lynn is a Psychic Medium who is believed to possess clairvoyant, clairaudient, and precognitive abilities. Check out her Facebook here!

Lynn’s Venmo: @lynn-darmon
Confirmation Code: 1121


Margot is a 5th grader, and has taught several hair braiding workshops in her hometown. She enjoys dancing, filming TikTok videos, and playing Fortnite with friends. Margot’s workshop was a fundraiser for The Fiara Project.

Michelle Dashiell

Using a “concierge” approach Michelle’s company, Turquoise, provides custom residential interior design, interior decorating consultation, and renovations & remodeling services.

Venmo: @michelle-dashiell
Confirmation Code: 7652

Riley & Taylor

Riley and Taylor love arts and crafts and spreading smiles to those around them. Their DIY String Art workshop was a great fundraiser benefitting Gladwyne Fire Company.

Sarah Whelan

Sarah is a wife, mommy, and educator. A proud IRONMAN all world athlete, adventure enthusiast, EDG/PWR Lifetime indoor cycle coach.

Sarah’s Venmo: @Sarah_Whelan
Confirmation Code: 9987

Shelly Messick

Shelly Messick has been bartending in OC, MD for 26 years. She currently works at West-O Bottle Shop and Bad Monkey West OC.

Shelly’s Venmo: @Michelle-Messick-2
Confirmation Code: 9115

Tara Swennen

Tara Swennen is a bold presence on Hollywood’s fashion scene, named one of The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 Most Powerful Stylists four years in a row, she is a Los Angeles-based fashion stylist to the stars.

Tara’s Venmo: @taraswennen
Confirmation Code: 2072

Yola Robert

Forbes Senior Contributor and host of the I Suck At Life podcast, Yola Robert hosted an excellent Podcasting 101 workshop for us. Her podcast features conversations with women who offer real advice about the journey to success.

Yola’s Venmo: @yola-robert
Confirmation Code: 1149

Alex Jump

Alex is an award-winning bartender and co-founder of Focus on Health, a health & wellness resource organization for food & beverage pros.

To support Alex & Lauren:

Annabel Cohen

Annabel Cohen, owner of Annabel Cohen Cooks Detroit, is a writer, chef, cooking instructor, consultant and food-stylist. Annabel’s workshop was a fundraiser for the Jewish Senior Life of Michigan.

Christie Stratos

Christie Stratos is an award-winning writer and author of the psychological suspense novels Anatomy of a Darkened Heart and Brotherhood of Secrets, the first two books in the Dark Victoriana Collection.

Christie’s Venmo: @cstratos
Confirmation Code: 7327

Daisy Froio

Daisy is the heart and soul behind Designs by Daisy. Designs by Daisy includes event planning for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and so much more. 

Daisy’s Venmo: @designsbydaisy
Confirmation Code: 7216

Elizabeth Karmel

Elizabeth Karmel is a chef, cookbook author, food writer and consultant. She was the founding executive chef of New York and Washington D.C.’s Hill Country Barbecue Market and Hill Country Chicken restaurants.

Elizabeth’s Venmo: @Elizabeth-Karmel
Confirmation Code: 5013

Isha Casagrande

Meet Isha, the creative mind behind Isha Inspired. Isha’s passion is teaching happiness through fashion, fitness, food, and faith. She is committed to showing you how to feel confident from the inside out and the outside in.

Isha’s Venmo: @Isha-Casagrande
Confirmation Code: 7773

Jen Bradshaw & Megan S.

Jen & Megan joined us from Tequila Mockingbird started in 1998 in North OC, MD. The go-to restaurant has grown into having one of the largest Tequila selections with over 300 brands.

Jen’s Venmo: @Jennifer-Bradshaw-40 Confirmation Code: 2324

Jill Weber

Jill Weber is the founder of Sojourn Philly, which includes Rex 1516, Jet Wine Bar, and Cafe Ynez. Jill is an archaeologist, restaurateur, nomad, and lover of wine and history. Check out her workshop on modern wines from ancient worlds on our videos page!

Karen Tomasello

Karen spent 35 years as a restaurant owner with her husband, Chef Pino. She’s always loved pairing wines with food and hosting wine tasting events.

Karen’s Venmo: @Karen-Tomasello
Confirmation Code: 3227

Krista Jenkins

Krista has been a bartender for five years, and also teaches bartending and food and drink pairing classes. Check out her & her partner’s traveling bartending service fo your next event!

Krista’s Venmo: @Krista-Jenkins-16
Confirmation Code: 6479

Lauren Paylor

Alex is an award-winning bartender and co-founder (along with Lauren Paylor) of Focus on Health, a health and wellness resource organization for food & beverage professionals.

Support Alex & Lauren here!

Lisa Bien

Lisa is an author, speaker, and TV host who combines high energy and storytelling to guide people on a journey of self-love and kindness. 

Lisa’s Venmo: @LisaBien
Confirmation Code: 0914

Mac Mart

Marti & Pamela are the award-winning sister duo who launched Mac Mart Philadelphia. Their flagship mac & cheesery opened in Rittenhouse Square in 2016.

Mac Mart’s Venmo: @TheMacMart
Confirmation Code: 1710

Marta Pozzan

Marta Pozzan is an Italian actress, model and creator living in Los Angeles, California. She is also an active mental health advocate and storyteller. Follow Marta on Instagram, or connect with her on Facebook.

Mindy Tamaccio

A veteran Makeup artist with over 25 years in the business. Mindy has worked with many local and national celebrities over the years. Follow Mindy on Instagram.

Mindy’s Venmo: @Mindy-Tamaccio
Confirmation Code: 0987

Robyn “Grill Girl” Lindars”

Robyn Lindars is the woman behind the grill at grillgirl.com, a high traffic grilling and outdoor lifestyle website with over 100,000 monthly page views. Robyn also hosts “Women’s Grilling Clinic” where she empowers women to learn about the basics of grilling.

Robyn’s Venmo: @freeourseas
Confirmation Code: 4294

Sary Pfister

Sary is your go to girl for all questions on healthy hair at home and color maintenance. Follow Sary on

Sary’s Venmo: @sary-pfister
Confirmation Code: 7645

Susan Beard

Susan is one half of WaxWorksPhoto along with Leah Macdonald! Susan is also the founder of SB Design Co, a versatile visual arts studio.

WWP Venmo: @susanbearddesign
Confirmation Code: 4774

Tedi & Sonya Serge

Tedi & Sonya are sisters and founders of Girl Powerful. Girl Powerful is designed to give tween and teen girls the social and emotional learning tools to build a strong sense of self. Girl Powerful’s mission is for all girls to feel seen, valued, and heard at an age when they need it the most. Donations made support Girl Powerful.

Venmo: @Tedi-Lindsay
Confirmation Code: 3837

Wendy Ellin

Wendy Ellin is a Workplace Productivity Consultant, International Speaker, & Author of Enough Is Enough, Get Control of Your Stuff.

Wendy’s Venmo: @wendy-ellin
Confirmation Code: 2255

Amanda Downing Salas

Chef Amanda Downing Salas is the executive chef of Smoke Daddy Wrigleyville & restaurant pro with over 15 years of experience in the industry!

Amanda’s Venmo: @Amanda-Salas-32
Confirmation Code: 3602

Bald Birds Brewing

Abby Feerrar is the co-owner of Bald Birds Brewery, along with her husband, Joe. She manages the business strategy and marketing tactics of the brewery. If you’re in the Philadelphia area be sure to Check out Bald Birds!

Christine Barbe

Christine is master French winemaker from Bordeaux, France. She is also the owner of her own wine brand “Toquade” & oversees all fruit growth for Cockerell’s Wines.

Christine’s Venmo: @Christine-Barbe
Confirmation Code: 7779

Danielle Bennett

Danielle is a World Champion BBQ Pitmaster, Award-Winning Celebrity BBQ Chef, Cookbook Author, and TV Host! Danielle raised funds for Operation BBQ Relief. OBR responds to natural disasters and other situations to help feed displaced residents and emergency personnel.

Erin Leigh

Erin Leigh is the owner of Paint Sip Fun and has been an internationally collected fine artist for over 20 years. Her workshop brought the loved activity of paint night with the girls, right to your home!

You can send a virtual tip to support Erin via her PayPal here!

Jamie Greenberg

Jamie Greenberg is a celebrity makeup artist located in Los Angeles, California. Her favorite part of makeup is teaching women how to perfect their daily routine. Check out workshop featuring product suggestions!

Jamie’s Venmo: @Jamie-Greenberg-1
Confirmation Code: 0786

Jeni Paradiso

Jeni is the owner and founder of Shimmy Well in Philadelphia. A lifelong lover of dance whose study of belly dance began at the age of seven. Jeni also teaches Yoga & Barre Sculpt.

Jeni’s Venmo: @shimmywell
Confirmation Code: 2434

Judy Ni

Judy Ni, co-owner of baology and 2019 Philadelphia Rising Star Sustainability Winner. baology is a vision of what can be when a business is designed with the intention of service to the community and for sustainability. Judy’s class raised funds for College Together.

Kathy Wolper

Kathy Wolper founded Kathy’s Just Desserts and Kitchen Wizards 18 years ago and helps kids and adults of all ages discover the joys of cooking. 

Kathy’s Venmo: @KitchenWizardKath
Confirmation Code: 5284

Lateefah Curtis

Cheers! Lateefah is the resident bartender at Philadelphia’s famous Vernick Food & Drink. Check out her videos on our page for some seriously tasty but easy to make cocktails!

Venmo: @Lateefah-Curtis
Confirmation Code: 2898

Leslie McGuirk

Leslie is an internationally acclaimed designer, illustrator, children’s book author, astrologer, and corporate speaker on creative thinking.

Leslie’s Venmo: @Leslie-McGuirk
Confirmation Code: 8212

Lois Caplan

Lois Caplan started Arrangements Unlimited with her sister 44 years ago. AU began as a floral delivery service and is now a full event design firm.

Lois’s Venmo: @lois-caplan Confirmation Code: 0217

Máiréad O’Driscoll

Máiréad is a talented chef and co-owner of Ocean Wild Restaurant in County Cork, Ireland. Check out the scones recipe here!

To support Máiréad, visit her PayPal page here.

Mauria Stein

Mauria is a fourth generation fine jewelry and Oriental rug buyer. Learn more about her family’s exquisite store on their website. Check out some of their uniquie pieces on the videos section of our website.

Molly Godfrey

Molly is a trained desire, intimacy, and integrated mental health coach & relationship specialist. Molly’s passion is helping others heal their relationships to themselves & as a result, to others.

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Sabra Ricci

Known as “chef to the celebrities,” for over twenty-five years, Sabra is renowned for her healthy, delectable menus and unparalleled service.

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Seacrets Employee Relief

Support the Seacrets staff in Ocean City, MD whose income has been affected by COVID-19. Follow Seacrets on their website & Instagram.

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Taiia Smart Young

Taiia is a writer, editor, author, content creator, and Director of Content for Smart Girl Media. She teaches aspiring authors how to use their experience and expertise to write and self-publish short, but powerful books that create influence, impact, and income. Taiia’s work can be seen in Juicy, XXL, Essence & more!

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Terry Hoffmann

Executive coach, Terry Hoffmann MA, PCC is a nationally recognized thought leader in the field of professional coaching and executive leadership.

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