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Porch Ideas

By Annemarie Schumacher, co-founder of Make Every Day an Event

While looking for fall front porch ideas this year, I came to a heavy realization. 

I have a confession to make. I have left my true love. A bit shocked me! It was a great romance but it just ran its course. At my wedding, I could have never foreseen this day coming. But it’s time to end this special relationship that I thought would last forever.

It won’t be easy and I know I might regret it. However, I needed to explore some new options. In fact, I’ve already developed feelings for another. It’s just time to make a clean break and it will be good for everyone.

I have officially divorced white pumpkins.

This year will go down in history as the year that I broke my 15-plus-year tradition of buying white pumpkins.

My white pumpkin infatuation started right around the time of our wedding. On our wedding day, I absolutely loved how they paired with the green hydrangeas and ivory pillars that decorated each of the tables at our reception. They say every bride has her thing and that was definitely mine for our early fall wedding. I could not get enough of them!

Maybe it’s because white pumpkins are EVERYWHERE and have lost their novelty. Perhaps they’ve simply just run their course for me. 

Or maybe it’s because lately I’ve been drawn to the beautiful colors of heirloom pumpkins! Have you discovered these little jewels of the pumpkin patch?


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Say goodbye to white pumpkins and save the orange pumpkins for Halloween jack o’lanterns. Heirloom pumpkins are just absolutely gorgeous!

And fresh … and new … and swoon-worthy!

These pumpkins, with their rich salmon, pale green, and pink tones are just a great outdoor fall decorating idea! Plus they really pair well with my ferns and black pots.


Don’t try to overdo your fall front porch. Keeping things simple is the key. And heirloom pumpkins just lend themselves to that philosophy.

Each pumpkin, with its unique color palette, adds a ton of personality, so you don’t need dozens of them to make an impact. They are just one of the best outdoor fall decorating ideas I’ve run across in a very long time.

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